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Here at Corio, there’s one thing we know for sure


Being a dance and fitness teacher (or business owner) and movement professional is hands down one of the BEST careers out there.

You can nurture your creativity, challenge your body, balance family and career, impact your clients lives, travel the world, hit the stage or work in intimate studios with private clients. You get to do what you LOVE for a job, not many people can say that.

You’ll never sit in a cubicle counting down the seconds until 5pm, or moan about Monday mornings..ever….and the good news is that you don’t have to be a Margot Fonteyne or Channing Tatum to carve out a rewarding career that’s inspired by dance but rooted in fitness.

In fact, anyone with a musical ear, a love of movement and a commitment to helping others can be a dance fitness teacher or business owner.

BUT - it’s not all playing with music, practising your best moves or letting the creative juices flow….In order to make a real living (not just hobby-job money) there’s a lot of study, growth, practice and dedication required.

Too often, new or aspiring teachers are thrown into working with clients without the skills, knowhow and expertise to thrive. They feel frustrated when classes don’t fill up, insecure about their teaching abilities and unprepared when clients throw them a curved ball (obscure injury anyone?)

Even the greatest dancers don’t know the in’s and out’s of weight loss. The highest qualified personal trainers struggle to cue a group of clients (and hit the 8 count…) and the dance enthusiast isn’t going to know about smart programming for balance, stability, power, endurance and strength. 


While barre and Pilates are respected, well established movement methods that dancers flock to, dance fitness has (so far) been stuck in neon pants, world music, jumping jacks and grapevines.

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and so, we launched the corio academy



for those who...


  • Love movement and want to use their know-how to go effortlessly into the next phase of their career in fitness

  • See the value in high quality fitness, barre or dance fitness certifications that go deep and give a full understanding of how to work with clients, whatever their goals

  • Are excited to launch their own dance fitness business or brand within 90 days, (without burnout, or overwhelm).

  • Want to master key teaching methods that will make you feel confident in class (like cueing, choreography breakdown, musicality, modifications and more..)

  • Would like to access a blueprint for building a stress-free private training or group fitness business that compliments Pilates, Yoga or any other mind-body program

  • Understand the value of ongoing business, marketing and sales coaching so they can turn their passion into a profitable, sustainable career that allows time for travel, fun and family.

  • Are ready to get a friendly push to dream bigger and go further than they ever believed (we’ll do it together..)


Who is


Meet Elle Kealy – the founder of Corio. Not only is Elle a pro dance instructor, she’s also got years of performance experience under her “dance belt”. She’s been hands-on in the dance and fitness business for almost 20 years and has built global businesses from the ground up, including a national franchise, a successful studio and a premium online personal training and nutrition coaching business.
(Oh...and she still teaches the Moves for select clients and at luxe events around the world...)




After the birth of her two children she found herself frustrated by intense workout routine that either required her to be in the gym 5 days a week or were too strenuous on her joints and core post-kids. With limited time to herself, it was important to her that her workouts got real results in as little time as possible and that she actually enjoyed doing them...and although she’s a gym person nothing lights her up as much as some step-touch-hair-flicking...
Zumba didn’t hit the spot and dance class was full of teenagers. Unable to find what she was looking for, she studied as a personal trainer, barre instructor, nutrition coach and women’s fitness specialist and spent years working with private clients to help them regain their fitness and reach their wellness goals.

During this time, Elle started to fuse her clients personal training sessions with her unique dance fitness repertoire to increase motivation and to elevate their strength workouts into safe but effective fat-blasting metabolic workouts. As a result she saw her client’s bodies change but the best part was that they got great results and they stuck to the program, just because it was so much fun!

Her mission with Corio is rekindle a love of movement in a supportive community that makes you feel joyful and energised.

Determined to raise the game of dance fitness, she ensures that every Corio class is taught by a highly qualified professional who knows exactly how to elicit changes in your body and who will deliver a premium workout experience each and every time.  

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