5 Ways Barre and Dance Will Change Your Body

We’ve been in love with dance classes and barre fitness for years now but in the last 18 months the ballet and dance-based workout phenomenon has exploded with even more of us digging out our leg warmers and limbering up for a spot of plie - tendu (that’s bend and point in barre-speak, in case you didn’t know).

Whether it’s because the feel-good factor is such a winner (we know that exercise and dance cardio makes you feel amazeballs because of the endorphin rush. It’s even suggested that exercise can help with the symptoms of depression) or because the upbeat music sets the tone for the rest of your day, at Corio we know that dance classes and barre sessions can not only tone your body, they can also enhance mental wellbeing and sense of achievement.

TWEET IT! Here’s a round-up of the 5 ways your body will change when you start doing barre and dance workouts.

You’ll build a lean, defined and toned body. Corio workouts use the principles of functional fitness and barre class to work every single major muscle group. When you use lots of muscle groups together in compound exercises the calorie burn gets ramped up and your workout gets double results in half the time.  Corio and barre classes both target the legs, glutes, abs, thighs, upper arms and core to strengthen and improve endurance.

Your core strength will improve.   

Each Corio class (and most barre classes) use core conditioning that works the deep abdominal and corset muscles to ensure that your body is supported from the inside out. Most of us don’t use our core properly. Your core isn’t just your abs, it’s also your back and booty - in fact anything that isn’t your limbs and your head. Corio classes use smart core conditioning moves that don’t require lots of crunches to cinch the waist and flatten your abs by creating core stability and strength. When you do moves that require you to balance your core does even more work.  Since Corio Body doesn’t use the barre for balance your core switches into overdrive, working behind the scenes as you lunge and plie.  We love secret core exercises!

A strong core won’t just win you flatter abs, you’ll help eliminate back pain, knee pain and other aches and pains that are often caused by too much sitting and not enough strength training.

You’ll get flexible and bendy. You don’t have to be able to do the splits, or get anywhere close to do a Corio dance fitness class, or even a barre class. In fact the beauty of the workouts is that no dance experience is needed, but by including full range movements and simple stretches with regular practice your body will move more freely, your posture will improve and you’ll start to be able to touch your toes when you thought those days were long gone! It’s never too late to improve your physical well being and measures of success aren’t just weight on the scales. All barre classes, dance and Corio classes include safe stretch sessions to help remove tightness in the body and build beautifully balanced physiques, just like a dancer!

You’ll become a memory superhero. Motor fitness is a real thing! Your mind-body connection can be nurtured and improved and doing a dance class or other exercise program that requires you to use your brain and think a bit means that you’ll build new neural pathways as you also sculpt long lean muscles.

Memory, coordination and mental agility will all improve in as little as 4 weeks of classes. That brain’s not going to perform at its best just sitting them doing the same ol’ thing over and over, finding a challenge like remembering a short dance sequence or coordinating your arms and legs (yes, you can!) will help train the brain, which leads to you being a general superhero in daily life.

You’ll start looking forward to your workout. One of the biggest reasons we don’t stick with the program is that we don’t love what we’re doing. Sure, it gets results and we can put up with an exercise program we hate for about a month, but if it doesn’t feel good it’s hard to keep going when times get tough.  We get that dancing might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but if you love to move your body to the beat of great music, if dancing makes your feel carefree, happy and playful, then why not harness that energy and put it to work for you sculpting your best body yet? That’s exactly what Corio dance and barre classes will do for you. You can think of barre as Corio’s older sister, a little more serious, a little less hair-flicking and lots more pulsing. Corio’s more like the black sheep of barre - one minute we’re dancing to Beyonce and the next minute we’re working our thighs in second position plie until it burns so good. What’s not to love?


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