The Best Lower Abs Exercises for Women

Rebelles, if you struggle with the dreaded lower belly pooch then fear not because we’re pumped to share with you a simple 4 move workout that you can do anywhere, without equipment that will target your lower abs PLUS Elle’s instant must-have cheat move that will dramatically improve your waistline without exercise. (Yes really!) Ready?

Before we start it’s time for quick squizz at the science:

You can’t spot reduce (lose fat from a specific place by doing exercises that target your fat-loss area), so doing ab exercises won’t blast the fat if that’s your beef.

Your posture is key to getting flat abs - more on that later..

Your ‘abs’ aren’t separated into upper and lower, the rectus abdominus muscles are two long parallel muscles running from your pubis to your rib cage and this muscle isn’t the one you want to target the most for lower belly pooch...

Instead, make sure you also hit up the transverse abdominus muscle (TVA), which acts like a corset and is a deeper muscle*. When working properly it pulls in the tummy for the flat belly look you’re after. Nice.

(MOMS: A quick note on this workout - lower belly flab can be an issue after pregnancy if you’ve got diastasis and it’s safer to make sure your core is functioning properly before you start targeting your abs like crazy!


Do these series of moves for 15 seconds each to start with, completely 2-3 rounds of the circuit.  As you improve, increase the amount of time that you do each exercise for. It’s NOT about doing as many reps as possible like a banshee; you’ll get uber results from going slow, getting your technique down and using your mind to connect your deep abdominals with your movements.

The Moves:

RKC Plank - Like a plank, but better. This version racks it up a notch and get your glutes involved too. It’s a total core exercises, not just for your TVA.


C-Curve (with arm distractions!) - We heart this Pilates move that requires a lot of core control to hold as long as possible. You can use weights and upper body moves like bicep curls, or arm lift-and-lowers to distract you from the fact you’re holding a C-Curve.


Deadbugs - One of our all-time favourites, the deadbug works everything, including your brain! Get the coordination right and you’ll hit your TVA and core in the sweet spot.

Reverse Hip Raises - One of the more challenging exercises here, even if you can’t get your hips off the mat, just trying will recruit the right muscles. Make the movement small and slow and remember to exhale through the exertion of the move and draw your navel in with your breath to prevent your lower belly popping out.


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*Dart R.A. "The Double-Spiral Arrangement Of The Voluntary Musculature In The Human Body". Surgeons' Hall Journal Vol. 10, No. 2. March 1947.