Burn Calories Fast With Our Dance Cardio Finisher

Want to know how to burn more calories after your workout?  Use finishers to ‘finish’ your workout and ramp up your results.

A finisher is great to tap onto the end of a strength or Corio TONE workout to really challenge your metabolism.

They usually combine HIIT and full body resistance movements and last from 1 - 10 minutes. You’ve got to go hard and fast to make them count.

So...strap up your dancing shoes and try out these 3 back to back dance HIIT routines that are great for rounding off a Corio Tone or strength workout.

(You can add challenge by swapping out the jumping jacks for burpees, which is what we do in our live classes!).

Doing this dance cardio HIIT workout for 2 weeks as a finisher will:

  • Burn calories and increase your cardio fitness
  • Improve memory, coordination and motor fitness
  • Improve your balance and core strength
  • Boost your metabolism by adding HIIT to your repertoire.

Ready?  5... 6... 5, 6, 7, 8...


Elle KealyComment