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3 Steps To A Strong and Sexy Core

If there’s one thing that we women seem to be obsessed with, it’s our core, and quite right too because your core is one of the most important parts of a beautifully functioning fabulous body. However, lots of women have come through our doors confused about what they want from their core so I thought I’d try to throw some light on what having a ‘strong’ core really means, how it’s different to getting ‘toned abs’ and exactly how you can do both of those things.

Watch the video to discover the 3 steps that you need to take to lose fat around the middle and have a core of steel.

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The Best Lower Abs Exercises for Women

Rebelles, if you struggle with the dreaded lower belly pooch then fear not because we’re pumped to share with you a simple 4 move workout that you can do anywhere, without equipment that will target your lower abs PLUS Elle’s instant must-have cheat move that will dramatically improve your waistline without exercise. (Yes really!) Ready?

Before we start it’s time for quick squizz at the science:

You can’t spot reduce (lose fat from a specific place by doing exercises that target your fat-loss area), so doing ab exercises won’t blast the fat if that’s your beef.

Your posture is key to getting flat abs - more on that later...

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The Lower Body Fat Blast Solution

Yes, you know what I’m talking about ladies. You go on a fat-loss routine, everything is going really great, you’re losing weight, and it’s all coming off your upper body (and your boobs, of course)  but it isn’t coming off your butt and thighs. GRRRRR So why is this?

It’s all down to estrogen and the way your body burns fat at a cellular level. Obviously, women have higher levels of estrogen than men, so we tend to carry our fat deposits in different places.

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How To Reduce Tummy Fat After Birth

Why Do You Still Look Pregnant (Even Though You’ve Lost the Baby Weight)?

Many women have said to me, “I still look pregnant and it’s so frustrating, I just can’t lose the tummy!” Do you still look pregnant even though you gave birth yonks ago? You’re doing the exercises, you’re working out, you’ve lost the weight, but you’ve still got that little bump?

In the video below I’m going to show you the reasons you might still have the mum tum and how you can start to fix it.

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3 Tips For A Flatter Stomach

If you’re trying to figure out how to get a flatter stomach, blast belly, or melt muffin top then welcome to the club of being a woman!

In this post I’m sharing my top tips for targeting our trouble area #1, including the little known post-baby issue that might be keeping you from getting the flat belly you’d like and the KEY strategy to help target your tummy (and it’s not crunches, you can’t ‘spot reduce’ a certain area of fat on your body, meaning you can’t do crunches for belly fat or choose where you lose fat from).

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5 reasons you still look pregnant (and what to do about it)

First of all, let me say that when I had my first baby I naively thought that the baby would pop out, and I’d leave hospital looking like Kate Middleton, in my normal jeans, but a bit tired and emotional. I did NOT expect to be leaving in my maternity wear still looking 6 months pregnant.

Obviously I hadn’t read enough, ignorance was bliss back then.

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