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Do Bodyweight Exercises Burn Fat?

Fitness loves a bit of fashionable chop ’n’ change. One season it’s all about aerobics, remember that 80’s craze? Then we were all doing Zumba and right now HIIT is HAWT.   (That’s high intensity interval training - short sharp bursts of intense effort, that mean you don’t have to workout as long.)

But the question is, while bodyweight HIIT workouts are convenient and fast, are they too good to be true? Will you really burn fat like a #gboss if you’re squatting in your bedroom without weights instead of sweating in the squat rack?

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How to Work Out Without Getting Bulky

Are you secretly worried that if you do certain workouts you’ll end up looking more like a female wrestler than with the sleek and lean body you want? The issue of bulky v toned is all over the internet and so I’m giving my take on the issue. I’ve talked about it a bit in my post here but today I’m giving you a little insight into the myths and whether you should be doing cardio or weights to get the look you want.

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Cheat Your Way to a Dancer's Body

Wait, what? Cheat? Surely there are no shortcuts in fitness.

You'd be totally right if you think there's something up with the idea that you can cheat yourself skinny, so let me explain what I mean.

Women have coveted the ballet dancers body for years, envying their long limbs and tiny frames combined with grace and strength. So the myth goes that if you want a dancers body, you simply have to dance!

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5 reasons you still look pregnant (and what to do about it)

First of all, let me say that when I had my first baby I naively thought that the baby would pop out, and I’d leave hospital looking like Kate Middleton, in my normal jeans, but a bit tired and emotional. I did NOT expect to be leaving in my maternity wear still looking 6 months pregnant.

Obviously I hadn’t read enough, ignorance was bliss back then.

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Does the Winter Season Make You Fat?

As fall comes to a close, most people are squeezing in as much shopping for the holiday season as they can to avoid the last-minute rushes at their local stores. It’s also the start of the holiday season, which means lots of calorie-laden foods, like egg nog, turkey, mashed potatoes, pumpkin pie, and cookies.

For many, this means weight gain.

Many people also start going into hibernation mode come dropping temps.  They eat heavier foods. They gain (more) weight. They cozy up and hunker down.

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