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The Moves: Booty Workout To Bad Liar

If you want to know how to get a lovely booty without doing squats, this no squats booty dancer style barre workout is perfect for you!

In fact, you don’t even need a barre because this workout is one of Corio’s signature dance fitness combinations from The Moves, our dance workout program that helps sculpt, tone and burn with all the fun of a dance class and the effectiveness of your gym.

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How To Get Sculpted Legs Fast

If you want to get sculpted legs fast then in this post we're sharing our fave Shapes Inspired workout that will sculpt, tone and strengthen your legs and glutes while getting a lean look. 

Here at Corio we luurrve resistance training, in fact we include some form of resistance training in every single workout that we create.

And yes... you'll see us doing plies and pulses and feeling the burn with the 2kg dumbbells and bands and that's AWESOME.

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New: Fat Burning Holiday Workout

Want to get in shape but don't have any equipment? Fill up two bottles of water or grab some light to medium weights and join us by the pool as we do a make-shift holiday workout that hits all the trouble spots in just 30 minutes. 

In this total body workout that borrows elements from barre, Pilates, fitness training and dance you'll work your core, challenge your legs and sculpt the arms to burn fat all over.  This at-home workout for fat loss is fun, fast.

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How To Find Time To Workout


What's the most common reason we hear for slacking off a workout?   Yep, you've guessed it, it's time, or lack of it. 

Thing is, we can all find time for the things we love and these days, with online workouts at our fingertips the old excuse that you can't make it to the gym just doesn't cut the mustard.

Is the reason you've not really tried to make time because deep down, you don't want to do it?

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