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Weekly Workout: 3 Song HIIT Dance Cardio Routine

This week I’m sharing not one but THREE dance cardio routines that I put back to back to create an intense HIIT finisher at the end of my workouts. Sometimes I’ll pop one of these in between resistance training sets to get the heart rate up and keep the metabolism rolling even when we’re doing sculpting work and not pure cardio.

Try out this KILLER dance cardio combo for yourself and tell me what you think. Just hit reply to this email and let me know if you enjoyed it! (Heads up, this one is high impact so don’t try it if you’ve got pelvic floor or joint issues.)

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Weekly Workout: The 10 Minute Booty Burn

I’m thrilled to be introducing our new bi-weekly workouts, free mini-workouts you can use to target your trouble spots and burn more calories in as little as 5 or 10  minutes without a gym and without building bulk. Want to know how to get a behind that screams to be shown off in your jeans?  If you’d like to lift, sculpt and strengthen your booty while conditioning your core and stretching your muscles, then this bodyweight Pilates workout is for you.

This week our star Pilates trainer Gosia takes you through a simple 10 minute glute, abs and core workout suitable for beginners upwards and the best part, all you need is a mat and 10 quick minutes. You don’t even need to put on your workout gear, as long as you can move comfortably and freely!  

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Working Out May Not Be The Best Idea For Rapid Weight Loss

Going to the gym isn’t always the best thing for weight loss. “What?” We hear you say. It’s true. Obviously, it helps. But there are far simpler things that you can do to shake the weight off and keep it off for good.

A lot of people sit down and work all day. They hit the gym for an hour and then go home and sit some more. This doesn’t exactly relate to a high-energy lifestyle. Adding a gym routine into your life is a great thing,  but to keep the weight off, studies have shown, you need to change way you live.

Don’t worry, the changes aren’t huge. They’re pretty simple, really. And here they are.

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How To Lose Weight...Forever!

If you want to lose weight and keep it off, forever, ditching the ‘lose 20, gain 20’ cycle and never feeling miserable or on a diet, then you’re not alone.

In this video I’m giving you my top tips to lose weight, eat like a queen and all without giving up the things you love. And when you’ve managed to figure that out, lasting change is a breeze.

How can I lose weight healthily and keep it off?

If you’re still reading this then, you’ve figured out that to make lasting change you need to really have a lifestyle makeover.  (Virtual high five!!)  

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Chillax & Lose Weight

Does stress have a caloric value?

Sounds like a dumb question doesn’t it, but here’s the kicker… stress DOES make you fat, which means we can’t stick our heads in the sand and pretend getting that lean and toned look is all about exercise and diet anymore.

You might be asking how on earth stress can make you fat?

Maybe you don’t quite believe it can really have that much of an impact, (or you don’t consider that you’re stressed) but if you’ve been doing everything right (exercising a lot, eating right)  and you’re still struggling with tummy fat and stubborn weight gain then maybe it’s time to consider whether you’re stress responsive.

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Where's Your Fun?

Often people say to me that they don’t workout because they find it boring, they hate the gym, they hate certain types of exercises.  I get it. Running and I are not friends. Rowing and I don’t mix. End of story.To a certain extent you’ve got to enjoy it otherwise you won’t stick with it! (Seems obvs doesn’t it?).

I’m NOT saying that you’ll love every workout you ever do. Sometimes you’ll be sucking it up just to get it done, but, if you’re trying to fit a square peg into a round hole, you're not going to stick with your exercise plan for that long and that means less than stellar results and frustration all round. Neg.

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Why You NEED New Shoes (And Other Fitness Hacks)

BEFORE YOU GET YOUR KNICKERS IN A TWIST: This post isn’t about being perfect 100% all of the time. Or never enjoying the things that you love. I’m a huge fan of moderation and finding your balance. However, most people who are struggling to see results have certain triggers that trip them up too regularly, so before they know it they’re not making the progress they want (or even getting started) and end up feeling frustrated. Ever decided you’re going to cook something healthy and wholesome, but then you realise you’re missing one ingredient, something small and seemingly insignificant (like tomato paste or a random spice), but because it’s missing it stops you in your tracks, so instead you order pizza?

(We’ve all been there.)

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This is the Best Drug Ever...

There’s this drug that someone told me about and it’s honestly the BEST drug I’ve ever tried. It’s called SLEEP.  If you have young kids you might have heard other women talk about it and wondered when you’ll get a chance to give it a go.  Trust me, it’s amazing. You feel energised, alert, and in a positive mood. Bonus side effect? You get skinnier the more you have.

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I Do It Three Times A Week. You?

Of all the ways to get in shape it seems to matter more how often you do something rather than what do you. I’m a three times a week woman - minimum, which means I like to move my body and get sweaty at least 3 times, otherwise I’m treading water.

If you’re not doing it 3 times a week, but you’ve got a trainer or a gym membership or a fancy boutique fitness all-access pass, are they wasting your time and your money?

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Can't Cook Won't Cook? Get Your Kitchen Skills in Shape!

Are you guilty of a ‘Can’t cook, won’t cook’ mindset? This is me just a few short years ago. All the excuses under the sun as to why cooking and healthy eating wouldn’t work for me.

“I don’t have time to cook healthy food.”

“My kids will never eat healthy food.”

“My partner won’t eat healthy food.”

“Who’s got time to cook 4 things a day?!”

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How To Reduce Tummy Fat After Birth

Why Do You Still Look Pregnant (Even Though You’ve Lost the Baby Weight)?

Many women have said to me, “I still look pregnant and it’s so frustrating, I just can’t lose the tummy!” Do you still look pregnant even though you gave birth yonks ago? You’re doing the exercises, you’re working out, you’ve lost the weight, but you’ve still got that little bump?

In the video below I’m going to show you the reasons you might still have the mum tum and how you can start to fix it.

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Cheat Your Way to a Dancer's Body

Wait, what? Cheat? Surely there are no shortcuts in fitness.

You'd be totally right if you think there's something up with the idea that you can cheat yourself skinny, so let me explain what I mean.

Women have coveted the ballet dancers body for years, envying their long limbs and tiny frames combined with grace and strength. So the myth goes that if you want a dancers body, you simply have to dance!

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