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Working Out May Not Be The Best Idea For Rapid Weight Loss

Going to the gym isn’t always the best thing for weight loss. “What?” We hear you say. It’s true. Obviously, it helps. But there are far simpler things that you can do to shake the weight off and keep it off for good.

A lot of people sit down and work all day. They hit the gym for an hour and then go home and sit some more. This doesn’t exactly relate to a high-energy lifestyle. Adding a gym routine into your life is a great thing,  but to keep the weight off, studies have shown, you need to change way you live.

Don’t worry, the changes aren’t huge. They’re pretty simple, really. And here they are.

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5 Fitness Secrets of Busy Women

Want to know a secret? I’ll give you five, and they have the power to change your life.  I am not even half-joking, putting these things in place has transformed my day to day routine and removed so much stress. I can’t wait to share!

One major difference between us busy women in our 30’s and 40’s and the younger hipster crowd  (those Millennials showing off their abs on Instagram and having a carefree fun-filled life on social media, damn them..) is that they have way more time.

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FITNESS ACTIVATION PLAN: STEP #1 Clear out the closet!

The key to living a healthy lifestyle is first believing that you can.  I had a huge ‘AHA!’ moment when I realised that before I can step into the NEW me, I needed to clear out all traces of the old, junk-loving, cigarette smoking, overweight ‘ugh’ me.

Waiting until you’ve lost the pounds or feeling better to buy yourself a new wardrobe? Not anymore!

Todays task is to head to your closet and clean out the crap. This means all the clothes that no longer fit or are torn, dirty, worn and ugh.  For me, this meant ditching all of my maternity clothes and the clothes I used to wear when I was twenty two.

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