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How To Find Time To Workout


What's the most common reason we hear for slacking off a workout?   Yep, you've guessed it, it's time, or lack of it. 

Thing is, we can all find time for the things we love and these days, with online workouts at our fingertips the old excuse that you can't make it to the gym just doesn't cut the mustard.

Is the reason you've not really tried to make time because deep down, you don't want to do it?

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How To Learn To Cook

You already know that eating good food is key to getting a body you love but you’re eating pizza, again... There’s nothing in the fridge and even if there was you don’t think you’d know what to do with it.

Sounds like you’ve got a case of the can’t cook won’t cooks, something Rebelle founder Elle Kealy suffered with herself for years until she realised her lack of confidence was affecting her figure and her family’s health. (If mom guilt + vanity isn’t enough to spur you into action we don’t know what will!).

Try on our can’t cook won’t cook mindset shift and solutions to help you get out of the rut.

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I Love This Handy Goal Planner

Have you ever had one of those days where you feel like you’ve been busy busy busy but when you look back, frazzled, you realise you haven’t crossed off anything useful from your to-do list?

Instead you’ve procrastinated, gotten side-tracked in social media or been chasing your tail.  

I’ve been using this handy weekly planning tool with my clients to help them stay focused and know what they’ve got to do and when and I promised I’d share it with you too.

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How Long Until You See Results from Exercise?

One of the things that peeps want to know when I train them is HOW LONG WILL IT TAKE until I can see some results?

Fair question, right? After all I’m asking you to focus on putting you first, moving your body and eating like a queen and you want to know if this stuff really works!

The answer: YES! But only if you don’t quit and you’re doing the right thing to start with. Mostly though, just don’t quit.

Watch my video to find out how long it takes to see results and why you shouldn’t quit in February!

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Where's Your Fun?

Often people say to me that they don’t workout because they find it boring, they hate the gym, they hate certain types of exercises.  I get it. Running and I are not friends. Rowing and I don’t mix. End of story.To a certain extent you’ve got to enjoy it otherwise you won’t stick with it! (Seems obvs doesn’t it?).

I’m NOT saying that you’ll love every workout you ever do. Sometimes you’ll be sucking it up just to get it done, but, if you’re trying to fit a square peg into a round hole, you're not going to stick with your exercise plan for that long and that means less than stellar results and frustration all round. Neg.

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Who's Got Your Back?

One of the reasons we find it so difficult to implement a new fitness or lifestyle plan or to make any kind of habit change at all is that we lack the structure and social support to keep us on a roll. Fact.

Do you relate to this?

Maybe you’ve got friends who love to go to a pub and have quite a few drinks on a Friday night. How hard is it to be with them and not have a drink? Pretty tough!

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Why You NEED New Shoes (And Other Fitness Hacks)

BEFORE YOU GET YOUR KNICKERS IN A TWIST: This post isn’t about being perfect 100% all of the time. Or never enjoying the things that you love. I’m a huge fan of moderation and finding your balance. However, most people who are struggling to see results have certain triggers that trip them up too regularly, so before they know it they’re not making the progress they want (or even getting started) and end up feeling frustrated. Ever decided you’re going to cook something healthy and wholesome, but then you realise you’re missing one ingredient, something small and seemingly insignificant (like tomato paste or a random spice), but because it’s missing it stops you in your tracks, so instead you order pizza?

(We’ve all been there.)

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Why Faking It is a Good Thing

Ever catch yourself saying that you hate exercise? That eating healthily just isn’t you? It’s hard to change ourselves when we don’t believe we can change, but the truth is that anyone can change with a little effort and the right game plan.

Look at me; I went from a 20-something party-girl extraordinaire who couldn’t cook a damn thing and hated exercise with a passion, (unless it involved dancing on a bar) somewhere to a 30-something international health and fitness coach and women’s fitness expert.

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I Do It Three Times A Week. You?

Of all the ways to get in shape it seems to matter more how often you do something rather than what do you. I’m a three times a week woman - minimum, which means I like to move my body and get sweaty at least 3 times, otherwise I’m treading water.

If you’re not doing it 3 times a week, but you’ve got a trainer or a gym membership or a fancy boutique fitness all-access pass, are they wasting your time and your money?

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Can't Cook Won't Cook? Get Your Kitchen Skills in Shape!

Are you guilty of a ‘Can’t cook, won’t cook’ mindset? This is me just a few short years ago. All the excuses under the sun as to why cooking and healthy eating wouldn’t work for me.

“I don’t have time to cook healthy food.”

“My kids will never eat healthy food.”

“My partner won’t eat healthy food.”

“Who’s got time to cook 4 things a day?!”

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How to Beat Gymtimidation

It’s that feeling that shows up as  “I should go to the gym but I really don’t want to because I’m a bit self-conscious,” or “I’m going to walk into a new class and everybody’s going to be really fit, and I don’t know what I’m doing,”  and “I’m just not going to touch the machines because I’m going to look like an idiot if I touch the machines,” or “I know what I’ll do, I’ll go on the treadmill, or even better, I just won’t go at all.”  

The list goes on.

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Cheat Your Way to a Dancer's Body

Wait, what? Cheat? Surely there are no shortcuts in fitness.

You'd be totally right if you think there's something up with the idea that you can cheat yourself skinny, so let me explain what I mean.

Women have coveted the ballet dancers body for years, envying their long limbs and tiny frames combined with grace and strength. So the myth goes that if you want a dancers body, you simply have to dance!

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