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Delicious Sugar Free Dessert: Cinnamon Peaches & Mascarpone

Just because you want to get in shape and eat well doesn't mean that you'll never have a delicious dessert cross your lips ever again. 

In fact, it can be the opposite!  Rediscovering some sugar-free, lower calorie desserts that aren't loaded with processed foods is a fun way to get inspired in the kitchen. 

These grilled peaches with mascarpone are something I tried out on my husband last night (he wasn't impressed with the idea because he's a salted caramel and chocolate fondant kind of guy, but then he tasted them and things turned around FAST - because they're so yummy.)

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Egg-Free Higher Protein Breakfast Ideas

Want to know how to get enough protein for breakfast without eggs?  We’re sharing a few of our fave higher protein egg-free breakfast recipes so you can get your protein fix in a flash. One of the things that Rebelle clients transform over the 10 weeks they work with our coaches is how much protein they are getting. Most ‘normal’ people are eating protein in sufficient amounts but if you want to lose weight and keep your metabolism on overdrive then the chances are you need to up your intake to more than you’re used to.  

Why does protein rock?

The power of protein is pretty amazing if you’re a woman trying to lose weight.

Protein keeps you fuller for longer, wards off cravings and helps balance the hormones that cause fat storage. It helps regulate your blood sugar and gives your body the essential building blocks for a healthy amount of lean muscle that’s going to keep you looking toned and your metabolism revved.  It’s rarely stored as fat on the body and it burns a heck of a lot of calories just digesting protein.  

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How To Use Spices To Make Food Tasty

If you’re used to slathering your meat, fish and veggies with salt or sauces to make them taste good then lean lifestyle cooking can seem kinda dull and uninspiring.

At Rebelle, we enjoy our food, I mean...we really heart fabulous delicious grub! If it tastes like cardboard you won’t want to eat it for very long.

Good news, you can spice up your plate in a flash without adding bloat-inducing salt or calorie and sugar-laden sauces that will mess with your hormones and hinder your progress.

One word. Spices.

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#WTF is Detox Water and Does it Make You Skinny?

Detox water.  Seriously? We literally had no idea that was a thing until I was researching how to cure a hangover (because this weekend was my birthday and sometimes you need practical help not the smug “just don’t drink too much” advice...right?).

So what is detox water and will it make you lose weight?

Some health coaches and gurus will claim that detox water has cleansing and flushing properties that help rid your body of toxins and gunk which allows you to release fat faster.

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Shredded Sesame Chicken and Cabbage Salad

Fed up of the same boring salads for lunch? If you want to keep things fresh without having to prep something new each time then it’s simple to batch cook some protein that can be added to any salad and create a huge bowl of chopped veggies.

You can simply grab a portion of salad, add a different lean protein and make it taste interesting with a variety of dressings.  With this in mind, I set out to beat nutritional boredom by trying something new this weekend.

I’ve never poached a chicken before but I had to road-test this Asian chicken cabbage salad recipe from Ching-He Huang’s ‘Eat Clean’ which I picked up to get some inspo while trying to healthify some of my Asian clients' diets.

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Recipe: Cauliflower Couscous With Black Lentils and Heirloom Greens

We don't often post purely vegetarian foods up in our recipe section, simply because it's tricky to get enough protein for optimal fat loss results, so our own plates are a bit heavier on the fish and meat, but you can absolutely can lose body fat and sculpt a fantastic body you love eating plant-based foods.

In fact, we'll be sharing more variety in future because  we don't subscribe to one way of eating, we get it, it's individual, just like you.

(We now have the vegan option for all the women on our nutrition and lifestyle program, Rebelle too with tons of chef-created recipes and guides.)

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Accidental Awesome Turkey Chilli

So I was digging around in an empty fridge (been doing that far too much lately!) and thought I'd whip up a turkey and bean chilli. Minus the crackers if you're doing the no processed foods can chuck extra veg into this chilli to make it as exciting as you like.

About halfway through I realised I'd made a fatal error, I was missing almost all the ingredients that are supposed to give this baby it's flavour!  (A recent use-by-date cleanse has cleaned out my spice draw. Duh.)

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The Ugliest Recipe I've Ever Made

Happy Halloween! I thought today was a good day to share my ugliest recipe ever. (You might have guessed by now that I’m not known for my Pinterest-worthy culinary skills, I’m more about getting it done fast and efficiently and having food that tastes amazing AND helps your fat loss goals - to hell with food styling and spending hours taking pics for social media, we’ve got stuff to do, right?)

This recipe is a slight adaptation from one of the Hemsley and Hemsley recipes, of course in their book it looks picture perfect. In reality it’s just a big green mess… BUT…

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Best Chicken Salad Recipe

Most chicken salad recipes contain loads of mayonnaise or dairy products, but not this one. A simple can of coconut milk makes this salad deliciously creamy while roasted chiles, fresh cilantro, sweet fruit and crunchy pecans really bring the flavor. Serve on large butter lettuce leaves.

Makes: 8 Servings

Here's what you need... For the Creamy Coconut Dressing:

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Recipeasy! Ginger Beef and Brussel Sprout Stir-fry

I’m always banging on about easy veggies and I know it’s hard to get excited about green ones sometimes. Especially sprouts. (But they are so darn good for you, they help balance hormones AND it’s fall now so they’re everywhere. They aren’t just for Christmas day. Give a sprout some love, come on.)

The key to making healthy choices is to have fast, easy recipes that actually taste nice. That way you’ll want to make them, love the way they taste and keep on track.

So..enter my latest discovery...steak with ginger stir-fry sprouts.

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