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How To Find Time To Workout


What's the most common reason we hear for slacking off a workout?   Yep, you've guessed it, it's time, or lack of it. 

Thing is, we can all find time for the things we love and these days, with online workouts at our fingertips the old excuse that you can't make it to the gym just doesn't cut the mustard.

Is the reason you've not really tried to make time because deep down, you don't want to do it?

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3 Steps To A Strong and Sexy Core

If there’s one thing that we women seem to be obsessed with, it’s our core, and quite right too because your core is one of the most important parts of a beautifully functioning fabulous body. However, lots of women have come through our doors confused about what they want from their core so I thought I’d try to throw some light on what having a ‘strong’ core really means, how it’s different to getting ‘toned abs’ and exactly how you can do both of those things.

Watch the video to discover the 3 steps that you need to take to lose fat around the middle and have a core of steel.

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The Best Lower Abs Exercises for Women

Rebelles, if you struggle with the dreaded lower belly pooch then fear not because we’re pumped to share with you a simple 4 move workout that you can do anywhere, without equipment that will target your lower abs PLUS Elle’s instant must-have cheat move that will dramatically improve your waistline without exercise. (Yes really!) Ready?

Before we start it’s time for quick squizz at the science:

You can’t spot reduce (lose fat from a specific place by doing exercises that target your fat-loss area), so doing ab exercises won’t blast the fat if that’s your beef.

Your posture is key to getting flat abs - more on that later...

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How To Use Spices To Make Food Tasty

If you’re used to slathering your meat, fish and veggies with salt or sauces to make them taste good then lean lifestyle cooking can seem kinda dull and uninspiring.

At Rebelle, we enjoy our food, I mean...we really heart fabulous delicious grub! If it tastes like cardboard you won’t want to eat it for very long.

Good news, you can spice up your plate in a flash without adding bloat-inducing salt or calorie and sugar-laden sauces that will mess with your hormones and hinder your progress.

One word. Spices.

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How To Learn To Cook

You already know that eating good food is key to getting a body you love but you’re eating pizza, again... There’s nothing in the fridge and even if there was you don’t think you’d know what to do with it.

Sounds like you’ve got a case of the can’t cook won’t cooks, something Rebelle founder Elle Kealy suffered with herself for years until she realised her lack of confidence was affecting her figure and her family’s health. (If mom guilt + vanity isn’t enough to spur you into action we don’t know what will!).

Try on our can’t cook won’t cook mindset shift and solutions to help you get out of the rut.

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I Love This Handy Goal Planner

Have you ever had one of those days where you feel like you’ve been busy busy busy but when you look back, frazzled, you realise you haven’t crossed off anything useful from your to-do list?

Instead you’ve procrastinated, gotten side-tracked in social media or been chasing your tail.  

I’ve been using this handy weekly planning tool with my clients to help them stay focused and know what they’ve got to do and when and I promised I’d share it with you too.

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The Lower Body Fat Blast Solution

Yes, you know what I’m talking about ladies. You go on a fat-loss routine, everything is going really great, you’re losing weight, and it’s all coming off your upper body (and your boobs, of course)  but it isn’t coming off your butt and thighs. GRRRRR So why is this?

It’s all down to estrogen and the way your body burns fat at a cellular level. Obviously, women have higher levels of estrogen than men, so we tend to carry our fat deposits in different places.

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Who's Got Your Back?

One of the reasons we find it so difficult to implement a new fitness or lifestyle plan or to make any kind of habit change at all is that we lack the structure and social support to keep us on a roll. Fact.

Do you relate to this?

Maybe you’ve got friends who love to go to a pub and have quite a few drinks on a Friday night. How hard is it to be with them and not have a drink? Pretty tough!

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I Do It Three Times A Week. You?

Of all the ways to get in shape it seems to matter more how often you do something rather than what do you. I’m a three times a week woman - minimum, which means I like to move my body and get sweaty at least 3 times, otherwise I’m treading water.

If you’re not doing it 3 times a week, but you’ve got a trainer or a gym membership or a fancy boutique fitness all-access pass, are they wasting your time and your money?

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Do You Have a Sugar Monster?

I know I have a huge sugar monster inside of me. If you’re anything like me, you probably struggle with this as well. But WHY does it matter and what can we do about it? Sugar has been demonised a little bit recently and it’s not quite as bad as it’s made out to be. The good news: you CAN have a little sugar in your diet and still lose weight and get a lean and toned body.

But when we have too much sugar in our diet, which happens without most of us even realising it, that’s when fat loss stalls.

Watch the video for my top 3 tips to reduce sugar, tackle tummy fat and accelerate your fat loss results:

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FITNESS ACTIVATION PLAN: STEP #1 Clear out the closet!

The key to living a healthy lifestyle is first believing that you can.  I had a huge ‘AHA!’ moment when I realised that before I can step into the NEW me, I needed to clear out all traces of the old, junk-loving, cigarette smoking, overweight ‘ugh’ me.

Waiting until you’ve lost the pounds or feeling better to buy yourself a new wardrobe? Not anymore!

Todays task is to head to your closet and clean out the crap. This means all the clothes that no longer fit or are torn, dirty, worn and ugh.  For me, this meant ditching all of my maternity clothes and the clothes I used to wear when I was twenty two.

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The Great Big Christmas Fitness Dilemma

OMG.  It’s Christmas in a couple of weeks and what’s that going to mean for your fitness or weight loss goals?!

Is it the end? Well, not really no. But guess what, I'm not going to be baking healthy cookies or skipping on the roast potatoes on Xmas Day, because, seriously, food is important.

It’s more than calories, fat and fitness, it’s also comfort, community, celebration and all that. PLUS, we eat well and workout the majority of the time so that we can enjoy meals like Christmas dinner.

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