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The Moves: Booty Workout To Bad Liar

If you want to know how to get a lovely booty without doing squats, this no squats booty dancer style barre workout is perfect for you!

In fact, you don’t even need a barre because this workout is one of Corio’s signature dance fitness combinations from The Moves, our dance workout program that helps sculpt, tone and burn with all the fun of a dance class and the effectiveness of your gym.

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New: Fat Burning Holiday Workout

Want to get in shape but don't have any equipment? Fill up two bottles of water or grab some light to medium weights and join us by the pool as we do a make-shift holiday workout that hits all the trouble spots in just 30 minutes. 

In this total body workout that borrows elements from barre, Pilates, fitness training and dance you'll work your core, challenge your legs and sculpt the arms to burn fat all over.  This at-home workout for fat loss is fun, fast.

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Weekly Workout: 3 Song HIIT Dance Cardio Routine

This week I’m sharing not one but THREE dance cardio routines that I put back to back to create an intense HIIT finisher at the end of my workouts. Sometimes I’ll pop one of these in between resistance training sets to get the heart rate up and keep the metabolism rolling even when we’re doing sculpting work and not pure cardio.

Try out this KILLER dance cardio combo for yourself and tell me what you think. Just hit reply to this email and let me know if you enjoyed it! (Heads up, this one is high impact so don’t try it if you’ve got pelvic floor or joint issues.)

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Weekly Workout: The 10 Minute Booty Burn

I’m thrilled to be introducing our new bi-weekly workouts, free mini-workouts you can use to target your trouble spots and burn more calories in as little as 5 or 10  minutes without a gym and without building bulk. Want to know how to get a behind that screams to be shown off in your jeans?  If you’d like to lift, sculpt and strengthen your booty while conditioning your core and stretching your muscles, then this bodyweight Pilates workout is for you.

This week our star Pilates trainer Gosia takes you through a simple 10 minute glute, abs and core workout suitable for beginners upwards and the best part, all you need is a mat and 10 quick minutes. You don’t even need to put on your workout gear, as long as you can move comfortably and freely!  

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3 Steps To A Strong and Sexy Core

If there’s one thing that we women seem to be obsessed with, it’s our core, and quite right too because your core is one of the most important parts of a beautifully functioning fabulous body. However, lots of women have come through our doors confused about what they want from their core so I thought I’d try to throw some light on what having a ‘strong’ core really means, how it’s different to getting ‘toned abs’ and exactly how you can do both of those things.

Watch the video to discover the 3 steps that you need to take to lose fat around the middle and have a core of steel.

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The Best Lower Abs Exercises for Women

Rebelles, if you struggle with the dreaded lower belly pooch then fear not because we’re pumped to share with you a simple 4 move workout that you can do anywhere, without equipment that will target your lower abs PLUS Elle’s instant must-have cheat move that will dramatically improve your waistline without exercise. (Yes really!) Ready?

Before we start it’s time for quick squizz at the science:

You can’t spot reduce (lose fat from a specific place by doing exercises that target your fat-loss area), so doing ab exercises won’t blast the fat if that’s your beef.

Your posture is key to getting flat abs - more on that later...

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Do Bodyweight Exercises Burn Fat?

Fitness loves a bit of fashionable chop ’n’ change. One season it’s all about aerobics, remember that 80’s craze? Then we were all doing Zumba and right now HIIT is HAWT.   (That’s high intensity interval training - short sharp bursts of intense effort, that mean you don’t have to workout as long.)

But the question is, while bodyweight HIIT workouts are convenient and fast, are they too good to be true? Will you really burn fat like a #gboss if you’re squatting in your bedroom without weights instead of sweating in the squat rack?

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How Long Until You See Results from Exercise?

One of the things that peeps want to know when I train them is HOW LONG WILL IT TAKE until I can see some results?

Fair question, right? After all I’m asking you to focus on putting you first, moving your body and eating like a queen and you want to know if this stuff really works!

The answer: YES! But only if you don’t quit and you’re doing the right thing to start with. Mostly though, just don’t quit.

Watch my video to find out how long it takes to see results and why you shouldn’t quit in February!

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The Lower Body Fat Blast Solution

Yes, you know what I’m talking about ladies. You go on a fat-loss routine, everything is going really great, you’re losing weight, and it’s all coming off your upper body (and your boobs, of course)  but it isn’t coming off your butt and thighs. GRRRRR So why is this?

It’s all down to estrogen and the way your body burns fat at a cellular level. Obviously, women have higher levels of estrogen than men, so we tend to carry our fat deposits in different places.

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