Express Abs Workout: Dancer Core In 4 Moves

Find out how to get dancer abs and flatten that belly fast with this simple beginners core workout.

This 4 move quick core workout takes just 2 minutes and will help you get dancer abs by targeting the deep abdominal muscles and helping your core strength and posture.

Do each one of these abs exercises for 30 seconds (or rest when you can't perform them with good technique)  and gradually increase the time intervals with each workout for up to 1 minute each. 



(Note from Elle: This workout isn't new mom friendly if you have diastasis - we'll be posting one up soon that's perfect for you though, so keep your eyes peeled.)

All you need is a yoga mat and 2 minutes a day to get dancer abs fast. You'll also love the secret core cheat at the end that shows you how to get a flat belly without doing any exercise (and it's a trick that dancers do all the time...)

Comment below and tell us which abs move was your favourite!!

...As always - consult your doc before starting any new workout program

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