Why Faking It is a Good Thing

Ever catch yourself saying that you hate exercise? That eating healthily just isn’t you? It’s hard to change ourselves when we don’t believe we can change, but the truth is that anyone can change with a little effort and the right game plan.

Look at me; I went from a 20-something party-girl extraordinaire who couldn’t cook a damn thing and hated exercise with a passion, (unless it involved dancing on a bar) somewhere to a 30-something international health and fitness coach and women’s fitness expert.

Sometimes I wonder how I ended up here. I wasn’t born with a passion for exercise. I used to skive off sports at school.  I prided myself on the massive collection of takeaway menus in my kitchen.

I certainly didn’t wake up one day and decide I was jumping on the fitness bandwagon.

Instead, one day I realised that having kids, responsibilities and  a busy career had taken it’s toll and things couldn’t go on like this any longer. If they did, I’d be stuck on a downwards spiral to ughsville and I needed to take action before it was too late!

No, I didn’t love smoothie or protein powder, and I didn’t really get why squats were always in a workout. At first. But over time things changed.

But let’s go back a step.

Before I even embarked on my total body makeover I took baby steps to upping my glam game. The confidence that these small steps gave me opened the door to the possibility that there was another way to live, a way that didn’t involved feeling like I’d be hit by a bus each morning.

I faked feeling together.

I faked feeling confident, sexy and fit.

I faked being an active, healthy person.


Find out in this 3 minute video:


Getting to the point where we are truly ready to do something about our body is a process. Maybe you’re ready to start today and want to dive into that 8 weeks as soon as possible, coming out the other side with a flourish!

Or, like most of us, maybe you’re thinking about it but not quite ready to commit.

If that’s you I challenge you to take my 30 day make-up challenge, or if that’s not your thing at all, to do your hair, or paint your nails, or to not dress in what’s the cleanest, but something that actually makes you feel good.

Pick your pick-me-up and commit for 30 days.

I’d love to hear how it goes at the end of the 30 days, comments below or email me and tell me!


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