FITNESS ACTIVATION PLAN: STEP #1 Clear out the closet!


The key to living a healthy lifestyle is first believing that you can.  I had a huge ‘AHA!’ moment when I realised that before I can step into the NEW me, I needed to clear out all traces of the old, junk-loving, cigarette smoking, overweight ‘ugh’ me.

Waiting until you’ve lost the pounds or feeling better to buy yourself a new wardrobe? Not anymore!

Todays task is to head to your closet and clean out the crap. This means all the clothes that no longer fit or are torn, dirty, worn and ugh.  For me, this meant ditching all of my maternity clothes and the clothes I used to wear when I was twenty two.

Be a little bit ruthless. If you haven’t worn something in the past 12 months and it’s not a special occasion item or investment piece, then it can probably go.

Box up and donate your used clothes to charity. If you can’t bear to part with some of it just yet, box it up and move it out of your closet, storing it away from sight.

Now, of course you’re going to need something to replace what’s gone. It doesn’t need to be expensive, but it should fit properly, even if it’s not in a size you want to stay at forever!

STUCK FOR IDEAS?: Here’s what you’re going to need in your wardrobe if you’re ready to start exercise (of any sort) to get in shape:

  1. A decent pair of sneakers - or trainers for my fellow Brits!

  2. Some activewear! I love everything from H and M, to Forever 21 to Lululemon and Splits 59. Working out in your partner’s old tee isn’t going to make you feel like you’re owning this, so invest in some decent workout clothes.

  3. A supportive sports bra or two. No-one loves the girls knocking you in the face, right?

I understand that if you’ve got a lot of weight to lose shopping for clothes can be challenging both practically and emotionally.

This isn’t going to be your forever wardrobe, it’s your kickstart wardrobe and it’s the first tiny step onto a ladder that’s going to take you higher and higher each day bringing you closer to the version of you that you’d like to become.  If you hate shopping GO ONLINE.

That’s it!

Now say this out aloud: “I’m committed to my success and ready to change.”

(Feel stupid saying affirmations? Yep that was me too. But the thing is science shows they work... the mind is amazing. Try it in private and just be open to something new. Even if you don’t think it’s is.)