5 Fitness Secrets of Busy Women


Want to know a secret? I’ll give you five, and they have the power to change your life.  I am not even half-joking, putting these things in place has transformed my day to day routine and removed so much stress. I can’t wait to share!

One major difference between us busy women in our 30’s and 40’s and the younger hipster crowd  (those Millennials showing off their abs on Instagram and having a carefree fun-filled life on social media, damn them..) is that they have way more time.

If you’ve got a busy career, a family to take care of and you’re pulling double shifts (work and home) just to keep the show on the road, then you need to get really efficient to get and stay in shape.

We don’t have time for working out for 2 hours a day. Right? We need to be smart so that we can spend more time with the people that we love.

The BIGGEST excuse I hear from women is that they don’t have time.

And I get it. I have two small kids, a full time job and I’m the one responsible for getting food in the house and doing all the admin and management at home. This is something I’ve struggled with myself and still do. It ain’t easy. But it is possible.

The truth is that you do have time, but, listen up, you need to change some things around because time isn’t going to jump out a bush, where it’s been hiding and say ‘HEY, I’m here, let’s do this now!’.

You’ve got to go looking for time, create time, make time.

If you’re serious about looking after yourself, (and you should be, because most women I know are the glue holding the whole show together, so you’re pretty important!) then the first step is to accept and believe that all of this IS in your power to change.

Watch the video or keep reading for my secrets to a less stressed life.


Let’s talk about the key strategies that I use myself and teach my clients in my Rebelle program, to help them in staying fit, getting lean, and losing weight easily and time-efficiently.

  1. You need a plan. Without a plan, you faff about, go on Facebook, do the unimportant stuff first and procrastinate on the things you don’t really want to do. Set specific goals for the week—sit down and figure out how many workouts you’re going to do, what you’re going to eat for the week, and then break it down to manageable tasks. Get really specific. Assign small tasks every day for the entire week (i.e. Plan the meal on Sunday, etc.)
  2. It’s really important to have nutrition strategies that don’t involve us constantly cooking something every night. Make sure that you have a preparation strategy, something that I teach in my program, so that you can make preparing healthy food really easy and time-efficient. I’ve got cooking down to 2 times a week. It took me a while to figure this out but now I’ve learnt how, I have more time and less stress.
  3. Get efficient with your workout. Have a specific workout plan to follow, and examine the plan before you set out for the gym. Think about what information and equipment you need and just do it. All of the workouts in my 8-week program are just 20 - 30 minutes long. We mix up body weight, Pilates, weight training, and cardio to help you build that kind of lean, toned look.  I don’t waste time on ineffective exercise, waiting for machines when someone else is on them, or even travelling to a gym. If you can workout in your garden, or at home, it can save you a lot of time! (Personally, I like going somewhere else to get sweaty, it’s my little sanctuary, but if I have to, I’ll do it at home.)
  4. Get really organised in your life, not just with your fitness and wellness. I never had a diary in my 20’s. (It was before smartphones, so…) I didn’t need one! Now, I can’t remember what’s happening in the next 5 minutes unless I’m completely organised and have a system.

5. You also need to learn to outsource. If you’re spending time doing things that you don’t need to be doing, delegate it to other people. Reach out for help from others so you can get that time to yourself. Often, we just put ourselves last and we think that outsourcing or delegating makes us less of a woman, that we should be ‘doing it all.’ Total. Crap. If you want to get your va-va-voom back, and you want to feel like yourself again, you’re going to need to put this in place.

Mindset Action Tip:

I know there are a lot of reasons (excuses) that pop into your head the minute you think about doing something outside of your comfort zone, whether it’s a career move, or getting on top of nutrition and fitness.

Instead of saying “I can’t do something because…”, start thinking “How can I do something?” Open your mind to the possibility of CHANGE, see what solutions you can come up with, and don’t be afraid to ask for help.

It’s totally normal to be overwhelmed with the voice inside that tells you why you can’t do something, and time is such an easy excuse to grab onto. It IS possible to get out of the trap and start creating time for yourself.

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