FREE 5 Day Dance Fit Challenge: Starts April 9th

Do you struggle to stay consistent or find the time to workout?

If you’re anything like us this story might sound familiar; you decide to get in shape, promising to go religiously to Pilates class, to spin every week or hit bootcamp or the treadmill and exist only on salad and shakes until you hit your goals (ugh...!)  

But then you figure out that this plan is just not gonna fly (and it's not good for you either) so you throw in the towel..but now your fitness goals remain a distant dream because those workouts aren't any closer to happening.

You need a new approach. A workout approach that's so fun you'll actually look forward to moving your body and so simple and fast you can easily slot it into your day. 

The truth is that you don't need to workout for hours a day or only eat kale salads if you want to shape up.. in fact you can get in shape just like a dancer in as little as 10 minutes a day..and we're going to show you how!

Get ready to condition your core, blast your abs and target belly fat in just 5 days inside our 5 Day Dance Fit Challenge. 


We start on Monday 9th April 9am Eastern Time - grab your dancing shoes because this is going to be fun!

If you struggle to fit in your workouts, if you find traditional cardio soooo boring, or you can’t stay consistent because life’s full to the brim, this challenge is perfect for you.

In the 5 Day Dancer Body Challenge you can expect to:

  • Create a daily movement habit that’s so easy it feels like you’re cheating;

  • Get a stronger core and feel tighter;

  • Rediscover your energy

  • Reduce stress

  • Get your groove on (beginner-friendly and anyway, no-one is watching…)

  • Get oodles of encouragement and support along the way

Screen Shot 2018-03-26 at 7.56.36 PM.png

I’m Elle Kealy, creator of Corio and I’ve worked with thousands of women helping them rock their workouts (and their wardrobes) through dance, fitness and barre for the past 20 years and even though you might be thinking that you don’t have time to workout, I’ve seen clients get great results in as little as 10 minutes a day.

I’ve also seen clients stuck and frustrated, feeling plain uninspired when everything becomes about body fat percentage and hustle….that’s not how we roll around here.

Remember when you were a kid and moving your body was fun? It was more than just something on your to-do list? We want to help you return to that. Being healthy and happy doesn’t have to mean doing something you hate every day.

That’s why I created this challenge.

Every day, we’ll email you a new daily workout that’s just 10 minutes long (or less!) that you can do from home with nothing but a yoga mat and common household items (cryptic, I know! You have to join us to find out what we use..).   

Each workout is designed to get you one step closer to becoming dancer-fit by creating a stronger core, a long lean muscle base and of course, to dance, without sucking your precious time or being too complicated.

To join our free challenge simply click on this link and enter your deets!  We can't wait to see you inside the challenge group and get you on the way to dancer fit in just 5 days!