How To Get Perky Buns

Want to know the secret to a figure you love AND to being mobile, pain-free and able to do all the things you want to do? A bottom that works properly.

Yep, the glutes, those bad boys are the biggest muscles in your body, which means when you make them do the work they burn a serious amount of calories.  (Bonus!)

Plus, we all love the idea of a perky backside, so there’s a gazillion reasons right there to make sure that your booty gets werked each time you move.

perky buns


It’s also a overlooked fact that your butt is part of your core. So when I do core training with my clients, we’re not only thinking about our abdominal muscles and deep abdominal muscles, we’re ALWAYS working on our glutes.

Strong glutes and core strength means less risk of low back pain, better pelvic floor function (i.e. no pee when you run or jump!) and better support for your entire body.

Bottom line - pun intended -  with a strong butt and core you can do everyday things and extraordinary things without feeling like a creaking ship.


It’s also a little known fact that when we sit down, our glutes switch off. They don’t actually NEED to fire for us to walk around.  We just use other less lazy muscles instead, like our quads (front of your legs) and low back muscles.

Extended periods of sitting, or pregnancy and childbirth (which can mess with our nervous system and muscle recruitment) can mean our butts turn into lazy butts. Literally.

Here’s a quick test you can do to see if you’ve got a lazy butt.

Stand in with feet hip width apart in front of a full length mirror. Squat (sit back and down as if you’re sitting onto a chair) and stand up. Do this 5-10 times. As you’re squatting take a look at your knees. Do they fold inwards a little bit when you squat down as if you’re slightly knock-kneed? That’s a sign your glutes need a pick-me-up and aren’t doing what they should be doing.


I’ve put together a simple 5 minute home workout that you can do daily to gently increase the function of your glutes.  These daily exercises won’t give you buns like Kimmy but they will wake up the muscles and give you a firmer derriere.

Do each of these moves for 15 -20 reps daily to wake up your glutes.

1. GLUTE BRIDGE (with towel or ball between knees)

The pressure of the ball or towel helps to activate your pelvic floor, making this a great one for new mums or those looking to strengthen up.  You can also do it without.

2 . CLAMSHELLS (do 15 - 20 each side)

The important thing here is to keep your heels pressed together hard which turns on the butt.  If you don’t feel your bum doing these, try playing with the position of your knees OR lifting your feet off the floor while keeping your knees down, to open up the hips a bit more.


This move combines two booty-killers in one. Start with feet wide and toes pointed outwards. Imagine your body is toast in a toaster - can’t go forward or back, and then plie (or sumo squat, if you prefer, same thing) down and rise up, then pivot to lunge, sending your back knee down to the floor. Repeat to the other side. Do 12 each side.

(If you’re a new mum and have any pubic or pelvis pain, the wide centre squat won’t be great for you. Give it a miss and do the lunges on each side instead.)

Now you’re good to hit the gym. These moves also make a great warm up if you’re about to workout and you want to make sure that your bum is doing something instead of letting other muscles take over.

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