How To Learn To Cook

You already know that eating good food is key to getting a body you love but you’re eating pizza, again... There’s nothing in the fridge and even if there was you don’t think you’d know what to do with it.

Sounds like you’ve got a case of the can’t cook won’t cooks, something Rebelle founder Elle Kealy suffered with herself for years until she realised her lack of confidence was affecting her figure and her family’s health. (If mom guilt + vanity isn’t enough to spur you into action we don’t know what will!).

Try on our can’t cook won’t cook mindset shift and solutions to help you get out of the rut.

1. I can’t cook

Take a class! Check out local sessions in your area where you can learn 2 or 3 dishes easily, or try an online crash course like Foodist. At $99 we’ve just signed up so we can get more confident in the kitchen. We’ll let you know how it goes as we love the idea of this as a starting point.

2.  I hate cooking   

Make it painless. You don’t need to peel and chop, buy pre-chopped veggies, peeled and washed salads, pre-cooked protein. Yes, it will cost you a bit more but how much are the take-outs costing?  Decide to batch cook 2 or 3 massive freezable meals and then just add veggies. Don’t try a full meal plan.


3. I have no time to cook

What you mean is….there’s other things you’d rather be doing than cooking, which is understandable.  If you’ve decided that your health is important to you, then cooking is too, you just haven’t figured out that it’s on the priority list yet!  How much time do you spend on your phone? Netflix? Procrastinating at work? Browsing the take-out menu? You have the time but you need to schedule it in and remind yourself why it’s important to you.   Try it out for a week and see what you can manage.

4.  I don’t like washing up.

Yep! We hear you!  Washing up as you go really helps take the sting out of the tail. Or, use washing up time as a de-stress moment. Plug in some calming music or your latest podcast to catch up on and make it enjoyable without your eyes being stuck to a screen.  

5. I can’t do it, I’ve tried it before and it didn’t work for me

How many people achieve their goals on the first try? Rome wasn’t built in a day friends, what you need to do is practice. Throw that plate in the bin when it goes wrong and start again. Missed the grocery trip? Can you get it delivered? You CAN do it if you commit to trying it on for size over a period of time.   They say it takes 21 days (or maybe 66 depending on who you believe) to create a habit.  If you want this, stick with it, like you’ve done in the past with other skills you’ve been determined to master.


6. I hate grocery shopping

Make a list. Learn the layout of the store and get in and out in record time. After a few trips for the same things you’ll be able to whizz round.  It also helps to stock up your kitchen with basics in one big  shopping trip so you’ve always got staples on hand.

In Rebelle we give you a gazillion (ok, not literally, but a lot of)  chef-created recipes that have few ingredients and don’t take hours to prep, all of which are designed to help balance your hormones, boost your metabolism and speed up weight loss.

We’ve also made them family friendly so you can dish them up to other members of the household without having to cook a thousand times.   

In the end, you want to be able to cook without meal plans, recipes or guides but instead serve up food you love that works with your unique metabolism to give you fat loss results.


That’s what we do in Rebelle.

At the end of 10 weeks you’ll know what kind of body type and metabolism you have, exactly what the food on your plate should look like for optimum fat loss results (custom made for your body type) and you’ll have figured out how to still eat the things you love (in moderation, obvs) and lose pounds!  Who doesn’t love that idea?  You’ll also have mastered easy female-specific workouts that will blast fat, tone your core and rev up your engine so you can feel energised and revitalised.

The Corio Method is a unique, fearlessly fun and effective fitness method and training system that creates a stronger, fitter, leaner and more agile, beautifully balanced physique.  Apply now for a complimentary Corio Kickstart Session with our coaches, available globally (value $250) and take the first step towards a new you.