How to NAIL your first dance fitness class (without fear)

If the last time you danced was after a few too many wines at your bestie’s wedding or when you were five, then the idea of hitting the dance-floor in a dance fitness class, with mirrors, in a room full of strangers all in the name of getting fit can seem more than a little scary.

That’s exactly why Elle Kealy, the creator of Corio decided to create her unique fitness method that even non-dancers can do.

“I remember how intimidating going to a ‘real’ dance class was,” Elle says. “I was so nervous when I went to Pineapple Dance Studios in London for the first time back in the 1990’s. All the professional dancers were there and I felt like I would be the only person in the room who didn’t know what was going on, I think I hid at the back for about a month!”.

It’s true that professional dance classes can feel like an audition, but Elle realized that there were lots of people like her, who wanted to dance for fun and fitness without the intimidation factor.  ‘“Once you get over that idea that everyone will be better than you and stop worrying what people think, it’s one of the most uplifting and invigorating ways to move”, she adds.  “So much of what holds us back is mental and the truth is that in a dance fitness or dance cardio class, no-one minds if you don’t do the routine, or simply jump around to your own beat, we truly want you to have fun and forget how you look.”


It’s the reason that she created the Corio Method, a unique 360 fitness training system (available online and live at special events around the globe), inspired by the types of movement and cross training that dancers do, that allows you to master cardio moves at home, then get your groove on in a live class or workshop. “One of the things I love about Corio is that it’s really easy to do!  We use moves that everyone can manage and we repeat, repeat, repeat so you get a chance to get really confident.”  

Because Corio’s a total body fitness method and not a super serious dance class, there isn’t that pressure to be stage-ready, instead, the focus is on getting a great workout, having fun and throwing some shapes.

Here Elle’s sharing these five tips, so you can master your first dance cardio class (even if you’ve got two left feet):

1. You are what you think you are. Don’t feel like a dance cardio badass yet? Dress up and pretend. If you’ve got nothing to wear, grab some comfy sneakers, a great bra, and a slouchy tee.  Elle prefers to dance in something that’s a little loose so that it flows, but the most important thing is that you feel good. Don’t use your bf’s old sweat pants, invest in something special and show yourself you’re worth it.

2. Dance cardio is taught to the beat of the music and if you’re a newbie you might find it hard to stay on beat. Try to listen to the beat, practice tapping your toes in time to music on your MP3 player. The more you come to class, the easier this gets. In fact, it’s the reason that Corio has special ‘how to learn dance cardio’ videos in the membership area that teach all their clients how to learn and remember moves easily.

3. Plan and make sure you know what you’re getting. If you’re not 100% sure what the class entails, ask!  “I once went to what I thought was a 90-minute dance class and it turned out to be 90 minutes of non-stop aerobics. Disaster!”, remembers Elle. “No-one likes to sneak out mid class, but I was that person!”

4. Use your reflection:  Don’t hide, if you can’t see the instructor or yourself it’s a really frustrating experience. (One of the great things about doing Corio from home, is that you don’t have this problem, no mirror and no worrying about who’s going to see you!) “As a dancer, I’m used to seeing my reflection but I know that a lot of people do NOT like the mirror, especially if they’re unhappy with their current fitness levels or don’t feel confident.”, says Elle. “If you can let go of the mirror as a judgment and understand it’s just a tool that your brain uses to help you balance and remember the moves, then that’s really liberating.”  Don’t believe us? Try standing on one leg in front of a mirror. Now try it with your eyes closed. Point was proven.

5. Break it down. Corio teaches the leg movements first, then adds arms. If you find yourself getting in a twist just focus on the legs, then add in arms at your own pace.  Unlike traditional dance classes, Corio lets you remember moves using different techniques that train your brain AND your body. It may not come on the first go, but like muscles, within a few weeks, you’ll see the difference.

Want to try The Corio Method for yourself? Our 6 Week Corio Kickstart, available ONLINE (and live by application)  is the perfect place for beginners to get in shape. A total body fitness system, the method will give you access to our signature workouts, nutrition plan, and a body type assessment so that your program is uniquely tailored to you and your goals. You also get access to workouts, planners, PDF’s, support groups and more. Options for private coaching with Elle are by application only. Visit our Join Page for more details on how to do Corio.


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