How To Reduce Tummy Fat After Birth

Why Do You Still Look Pregnant (Even Though You’ve Lost the Baby Weight)?

Many women have said to me, “I still look pregnant and it’s so frustrating, I just can’t lose the tummy!” Do you still look pregnant even though you gave birth yonks ago? You’re doing the exercises, you’re working out, you’ve lost the weight, but you’ve still got that little bump?

In the video below I’m going to show you the reasons you might still have the mum tum and how you can start to fix it.

Do you have diastasis?

Long story short: when we have kids, our abdominal muscles get pushed outwards to make way for the baby, and commonly they split so our abs come apart in the middle. This is called Diastasis Recti.

With any luck, most women after pregnancy have their diastasis heal back and their abs flatten down. But sometimes, it doesn’t happen like that. Sometimes, we’re left with muscles that stay separated and that’s when you get the ‘still got the bump’ look.

Why is diastasis a problem? (Apart from the looking preggers issue)

When we end up with diastasis, what happens is that our core doesn’t function properly. When your core isn’t functioning properly, it can impact many areas in your life, at worst contributing to later life incontinence, low back pain, or hernia.

What to do if you think you’ve got diastasis:

  • Seek help from your physio or doctor to get a diagnosis. A good women’s health physio will give you some helpful exercises to try and address it, depending on how severe it is.
  • Have a really good exercise and nutrition plan that promote healing. With your exercise, work with someone who is specialised in working with women with diastasis to ensure things don’t get worse.

Is your nutrition on track? The main cause of excess fat

Usually after pregnancy, women tend to reach for the things that have very low nutritional value, and that accounts for the reason why you retain that tummy fat.

Tired? Breastfeeding? No time to cook? All of these things contribute to crappy food choices.

It’s a myth that you need to do crunches to lose that last remaining tummy fat store.

Where you lose that fat from first and last will be determined by your genetic make-up and hormonal profile. For me, the last place fat went from is my tummy (I looked great everywhere else!)—I had to persevere a little bit more and get my diet on track until the tummy fat went.

So if you’ve been doing exercise but ignoring your nutrition, then it’s time to rethink your approach!


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