I Do It Three Times A Week. You?

Of all the ways to get in shape it seems to matter more how often you do something rather than what do you. I’m a three times a week woman - minimum, which means I like to move my body and get sweaty at least 3 times, otherwise I’m treading water. If you’re not doing it 3 times a week, but you’ve got a trainer or a gym membership or a fancy boutique fitness all-access pass, are they wasting your time and your money?

In this quick vid I’m exploring the reasons why what you’re doing might not necessarily be working for you and could be a massive waste of your time and money.  I’m also going to uncover what to do about it!

Are you a ‘Once a Week’ woman?

If you’ve signed up for a PT or a gym membership and you're only going once a week, you are not going to see results (it doesn’t matter what they promise you when they take your money, exercising one time per week won’t change your body, although it still has health benefits).

Why not?

Because consistency with your exercise program and with your food is what’s going to get you the body of your dreams and your va va voom back.

So it’s not necessarily that you're doing the wrong exercises without a trainer,  it’s just that you’re not going ENOUGH.

You’re a ‘two times a week’ woman

If you’re fit and already in shape, two times could be enough to keep you at maintenance as long as your diet is spot on.  It’s also OK to do something twice a week once in a while if you’re normally active.

It’s not going to kill you if you need to drop a session for a special event or emergency, as long as you don’t let it become a habit.

You’re a ‘three times a week’ woman

So if you’ve got your PT and you’re going three times a week, then we’re talking.

Next questions: Are you getting  a plan that’s tailored to you?

I work with women exclusively in their 30s and 40s, and I hear tons of stories about 18-year-old (ish) male PTs who don’t yet understand the post-baby female body, so they're pushing their clients through boot-camp style gruelling exercises when maybe their core isn’t functioning properly and they don’t understand why they still look pregnant despite the fact that they’re busting a gut and sweating it out in these full-on classes.

Or maybe they’re pre- or perimenopausal and they're feeling exhausted from these super long full-on sessions, taking days and days to recover.

The takeaway? Not everyone does well on the same exercise plan, you’re a unique machine and you need a bit of fine tuning to run well. (Brrmmm, brmmmm!)

If you want to do Olympic lifting, go find someone who knows about that. If you want to do weight loss, work with someone who does weight loss. If you’ve just had a baby, you need a trainer who understands post-natal recovery, or work with a physiotherapist who understands post-natal recovery.

Obvious, but when I was a personal trainer NOT ONE CLIENT asked about my education, training or specialisation. Luckily for them I only work with clients I can truly help and who qualify for my programs, but there are plenty of people out there who will take your money even if they don’t know much about how to train you properly.

You love the gym..and food..

The third reason why your trainer might be wasting your time and money: They’re not doing nutrition.

If you’re doing personal training sessions, and you're doing everything right in these sessions—you're doing resistance training and cardio, you’re core’s functioning, your program is excellent—but then you walk out the door and for the other 95% of the week you’re basically just out there, not giving a f***, then you're not going to get the results that you need.

All of that work that’s gone into your gym sessions is going nowhere. It’s just such a shame because you’ve invested time, money, and effort trying to get what you want, but when it really counts, it’s not happening.

You need to be looking at the whole picture. You need to be looking at your food, you need to be looking at your exercise, and also supplementation, sleep, lifestyle, hormonal balance, and any other special considerations, such as post-natal, perimenopausal, or menopausal weight loss that might be at play, then you’re going to start getting results.

But 1 session a week with a PT and expecting it to change your world—NO, not gonna happen.

So if you’re guilty of any of these things, take note: what is it that you can change today? What is the one thing that you think you need to focus on to get you a body that you just love and to get your va va voom back?

Post it in the Facebook Group or PM me if you’re on Facebook. I would love to hear from you.


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