Meet Corio Clubber Tanya...

"Meet Tanya Sydor" - Corio Clubber and part of our amazing global community of women who love to dance and are getting in shape on their terms, their way, like the rockstars they are!



Home Town:

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

When did you join The Corio Club?

I joined in April after doing the free challenge on Facebook.

What does a day in your life look like in a paragraph? (e.g. Wake up, grab brekkie and feed the kids etc...)

Oh goodness... my day usually starts around 6/6:30 am when my 4 month old wakes up (always with a big smile). We usually spend a little bit of time cuddling in bed until my 2 year old wakes up around 7. From then on it's a race to get ready and out the door by 8 am. I usually go to my mothers so that she can watch my younger son while I take my older one to various activities. Around noon is lunchtime for my sons and around 1 is naptime. During naptime, I have lunch and get dinner ready. If I have a chance then I fit in a workout, if not then I do it while my sons are playing in the afternoon or when they go to sleep. After playing in the afternoon, we have dinner as a family and then usually go for a short walk. Then its bedtime for the kids and mama time. I try to fit in tidying the house, prepping for the next day, exercise and some relaxation time into a 2-hour window. Sometimes I'm successful, sometimes it's a disaster!


What’s your favourite workout?

My favourite workout is any dance workout. I absolutely love Elle's dance routines!

Best song to dance to right now:

Havana by Camila Cabello

What or who inspires you to live well?

My kids inspire me to live well. I want to be able to chase them, play sports with them and go on adventures with them without worrying about keeping up.

What’s one adventure that you want to cross off your bucket list?

An adventure that I want to cross off my bucket list is learning to Flamenco dance in Spain. I have fallen madly in love with Spain and would love to visit it one day, and being able to learn to Flamenco dance there would be awesome.

What’s your biggest learning so far on your fitness journey?

My biggest learning so far on my fitness journey is all about protein. I never knew that you needed to have a protein with every meal until recently.

Quote to live by:

Be the kind of woman that when your feet hit the floor each morning the devil says "Oh crap, she's up!"