Meet Corio Clubber Elle...

"Meet Elle Rushton" - Corio Clubber and part of our amazing global community of women who love to dance and are getting in shape on their terms, their way, like the rockstars they are!

Elle Rushton.jpg


Home Town:

Central Coast NSW Austtalia

When did you join The Corio Club?

June 2018

What’s your favourite workout?

Barre workout

Best song to dance to right now:

Youngblood by 5 seconds of summer

What or who inspires you to live well?

After years of inactivity due to injury I inspire myself each day to get moving and be grateful that I can be active again. I miss my dancer lifestyle so the Corio Club is an amazing opportunity for me to include dance back in my life in a safe and supportive environment

Quote to live by:

Life isn’t meant to be easy, it’s meant to be lived. Sometimes happy, other times rough but with life’s every ups and downs you learn lessons that make you STRONG