5 Metabolism Myths and what to do about them


As you’ve noticed the years passing are you finding that what used to work for you in your 20’s (or 30’s, or 40’s) isn’t working any more? Do you think that it’s because you’re less active or you’re eating badly that you just can’t shift that stubborn area?

Are you playing the blame game with your metabolism?

Well...maybe it’s a bit of everything, but the fact is that female metabolism and weight loss are linked and as we age, we need to do something a bit differently to keep the fire burning.

Metabolism is a loaded topic in the fitness industry, but I’m not writing this for my fitness peers, I’m writing it for YOU, the woman who’s too busy to be reading countless journals to sort the noise from the nonsense.  Ain’t gonna lie.. you’ll probably find countless articles on the web offering all sorts of contraindicatory advice on how to lose weight but this is what I know to be true from my 16 years plus working in women’s health and fitness and with the thousands of clients I’ve helped move more and eat better.

Sometimes, your metabolism works against you even when you think you’re doing everything right.  It’s time you took a good, hard look at how your metabolism really works.

Check out the metabolism myths below and then use your new knowledge to put your metabolism to work…

Myth 1: Metabolism Works from 9 to 5

Let’s put this one to bed (see what I did there?)....Your body’s metabolism does not stop working when you do. In fact, your metabolism works all day, every day. If it didn’t, you wouldn’t even have the energy to get out of bed in order to read this article. (You are out of bed, aren’t you?)

Also the time of day that you eat isn’t what makes you gain pounds. It’s what you eat. So if you think you can get away with eating that plate of spaghetti carbonara or delicious Starbucks muffin, just because you ate it at lunch and not late at night—think again!

Eat smart all day long, have a healthy snack at night if necessary, and then sleep well, knowing your metabolism is doing its thing even while you’re catching some Zzzzs.

Myth 2: It Can’t Be Controlled

You’ve probably met someone who seems to be able to eat anything they want without gaining weight. You may have even dreamed of having such a metabolism (but try not to covet what your friend’s got, because you can’t wish your life away for someone else’s..that way lies mental torment my friend…). Well, there’s good news. You may not have the metabolism that lets you eat what you like, whenever you like just yet, but you can work toward it.

Did you know that one pound of fat burns 4 calories per day, just ‘being’.  But one pound of muscle burns 50. That means, if you lost 1lb of fat and turned it into muscle (so your weight stayed the same on the scales) you’re getting a metabolic equivalent in terms of calories burnt at least, of a 40 minute run or more!

Help boost your metabolism by lifting weights to increase lean muscle mass. I’m not talking ripped like Arnie, but just building a nice base of toned lean muscle to help stoke the fire.

What else? Getting a good night of sleep, eating enough protein to power you through the day, and drinking plenty of water.

Want something more than water? Here’s another smidgen of good news: a little caffeine in your daily intake will help you get rid of calories faster than going without. Just make sure your caffeine isn’t bathed in sugar and unnecessary calories - which means if you have milky coffee with sugar or Coffee Mate...ur...probably not helping.

Myth 3: Skinny Minnies Have Higher Metabolisms

Yes, a high metabolism can help you burn more calories than a low metabolism. But don’t let that fool you into thinking only supermodels have the highest metabolism. In fact, when you are very thin, your metabolism will likely be lower, as there’s not much of you to burn away safely.

However, you shouldn’t grab the ice cream carton in order to put on extra pounds to up your metabolism. Instead, focus on adding muscle pounds via the weight room.

Myth 4: Getting Old Makes Your Metabolism Go Bye-Bye

There is a bit of truth to this myth. As you age, your metabolism will drop a tiny bit and it’s due to the typical muscle loss that accompanies aging. Women tend to suffer from this a bit more than men plus we’ve got hormonal changes going that can create a bit of a ‘perfect storm’ situation.

Good news? You can stop this or at least slow it down.  Include resistance training in your exercise routine. As you age, keep up the weight training and you’ll keep your metabolism strong and steady throughout all the stages of life. In the event it does drop a little, you’ll be in such good shape you won’t notice.

Myth 5: You Can Eat Your Way to Higher Metabolism

Occasionally, the world is taken by a weight-loss idea that is so simple you’d be a moron not to give it a try. One of these recent ideas is that you can eat or drink certain things to boost your metabolism and lose weight with greater ease.

While eating peppers on a regular basis and drinking gallons of green tea each week offers some health benefits, it won’t do more than temporarily boost your metabolism.

Approximately half an hour after consuming these supposed metabolism mega-boosters, the boost is over and you’re back to your normal metabolism. A normal, well-balanced diet is a much better option.

Eating too LITTLE on the other hand can slow your metabolism to zilch. I see so many women who cut calories to lose weight. But our bodies are clever things, and they adapt. So in response to getting less calories in, the body just slows down its metabolism.  So you need to employ more advanced tactics than eating less and less and less to boost your burn.

Besides, who wants to be eating less and less and less? NO-ONE!!!! Am I right?

Bottom line:

Exercise more to build more muscle

Get a proper sustainable nutrition plan in place and don’t go for fad diets and juice cleanses

Don’t let age be your excuse, in fact, let it spur you into action. Life is fabulous, let’s do this!

If you’re struggling to make time in your busy life for feeling and looking fabulous and you’ve had enough of trying to figure this out on your own then get in touch with me.


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