New: Fat Burning Holiday Workout

Want to get in shape but don't have any equipment? Fill up two bottles of water or grab some light to medium weights and join us by the pool as we do a make-shift holiday workout that hits all the trouble spots in just 30 minutes. 

In this total body workout that borrows elements from barre, Pilates, fitness training and dance you'll work your core, challenge your legs and sculpt the arms to burn fat all over.  This at-home workout for fat loss is fun, fast and you can join Elle by the pool in Thailand for this take-anywhere workout!

It's ALL about balance in this workout, which helps train your core and will challenge you to stay stable and strong. 

Elle's tip: If you wobble all over the place doing this the first time, that's NORMAL!  Balance training is a great way to improve core function and motor fitness and you'll improve quickly the more that you include in your workouts. If you have access to a mirror, using your reflection can help you balance, to make it harder take away the visual aid.  You might also discover you're stronger on one side than the other. Training both sides of the body evenly and independently  will help to balance your body and build a gorgeously symmetrically strong physique. We're all a little lopsided so just have a go and see how you get on!

You'll need a set of light to moderate weights (around 2lbs - 8lbs) and a yoga mat. 



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