NO SQUATS Slim Legs BARRE Workout

You don’t have to do squats to get lovely lean legs!  


I often feel my knees when I do a lot of plies or squats and so there are days when I prefer to do floor work and get the foam roller out rather than anything that’s tough on my joints.


We created this no squats slim legs Corio Combo for those days when you want to give bad knees a rest or simply tone your thighs with a floor workout instead of squats and plies.

Don’t be fooled by how easy this workout looks though.


The workout totally burns and you’ll definitely feel your thighs!  Do it with me and see if you can spot where I begin to make faces because my legs are on fire!


As an added bonus, this workout is a great way to strengthen the muscles that support your knees. By working those muscles you’ll give your joints more support which can help improve knee issues, so it’s really important that we work our legs properly.


(My insider tip: make sure you’re really stretching your legs loooong!)


I also this workout because at the end we’ve  thrown in a little Corio Combo to get your brain working out as well - which is always fun!

Elle xoxo


Do the workout like this:


  1. Do the workout - it’s quick, effective and fun

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