REVIEW: CORIO dance fitness classes for beginners

Who else has ever been totally convinced that they can’t dance won’t dance? In public. With other people, you know...watching!

We were thrilled that Hong Kong fitness blogger and all round workout in-the-know-girl Vanessa from VFit Stories dropped by the Moves to road test it because we suspect a lot of you will resonate with Vanessa’s words:


“I can’t dance for sh*t. Coordination is almost a foreign word to me, let alone grace when moving my body around (my usual thing is lifting weights so not really ballerina like)!  BUT I did it. I got 70-80% of the mini choreography right. I got a good sweat and the best fun. Conclusion: if I can, you can. Trust me.”

Want to know what else goes down?  Check out her full review of the Moves here:


But that’s not all. We also hosted the South China Morning Post in a class and they managed to sweat, laugh and smile while taking notes. How’s that for multi-tasking?

You can see the video of the Moves class and Elle’s interview with the SCMP online which gives you a sneak peek at our regular classes with Flex Studio.

Want to unlock your inner dance diva (even with two left feet?) Head on down to our dance-inspired fitness classes at Flex Studio or check out our upcoming courses, events and workshops for a taster near you soon.

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