The Great Big Christmas Fitness Dilemma


OMG.  It’s Christmas in a couple of weeks and what’s that going to mean for your fitness or weight loss goals?!

Is it the end? Well, not really no. But guess what, I'm not going to be baking healthy cookies or skipping on the roast potatoes on Xmas Day, because, seriously, food is important.

It’s more than calories, fat and fitness, it’s also comfort, community, celebration and all that. PLUS, we eat well and workout the majority of the time so that we can enjoy meals like Christmas dinner.

So here’s what I’ll be doing:

1. Not letting the weeks before and after Xmas blend into the holiday. Really, I'm going to workout and eat well until Xmas, and then I’ll take a few days off and then I’ll go back to it. Probably before January 1st because honestly, by Dec 27th I feel a bit sick from all those Quality Streets, and a sweaty session really makes me feel less gross. But yep, I'm still taking time off and chilling out.

2. Eat first, party last:  Simple, I’ll eat a pretty good meal before I hit a party so there’s less room in my belly for cake. Still going to have cake of course, but less of it.

3. I'm going to use the stairs. Or whatever it is in daily life that helps me move more. So on the TUBE/MTR I'm taking the stairs not the escalators, I'm walking instead of being lazy and taking a short bus trip. Christmas shopping on Oxford Street people? That’s miles of walking when done right!

4. Drink water. One on, one off, and I’m not wasting my crap allowance on soft drinks I don’t love. I’ll drink a ton of water and then enjoy my wine, thank you very much!

5. Focus on the people not the food – Christmas isn't really about the food or the drink, although it’s part of it. I'm going to hang out with my friends not the food! They are what matter most and what I'm looking forward to.

6. I'm making a killer plan for my next phase in my fitness and buying myself some gear and gadgets to inspire myself.

What are you going to do to stop the sabotage whilst enjoying yourself? Think about things you could do and write them down, set the intention to stick with that and most of all, don’t feel guilty, have a great holiday and come back with renewed resolve for 2016!