The Moves: Booty Workout To Bad Liar

If you want to know how to get a lovely booty without doing squats, this no squats booty dancer style barre workout is perfect for you!


In fact, you don’t even need a barre because this workout is one of Corio’s signature dance fitness combinations from The Moves, our dance workout program that helps sculpt, tone and burn with all the fun of a dance class and the effectiveness of your gym.


My music editing isn’t the best in this video  - so stick with me - BUT workouts are so much more fun when they’re to music and I love doing this no squats booty exercise to Selena Gomez’ Bad Liar.


It gets tricky at the end though when we speed up that combo so make it your challenge to try it full out and see how you get on!  


Because we don’t use a barre in this workout, it’s also targeting your core through balance, which makes it a great total body workout.


If you struggle to keep your balance you can use a chair to hold onto and as you improve try taking it away for more ab challenge!

Elle xoxo

What to do now:


  1. Do the workout - it’s quick, effective and fun

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