3 Tips For A Flatter Stomach

If you’re trying to figure out how to get a flatter stomach, blast belly, or melt muffin top then welcome to the club of being a woman!

In this post I’m sharing my top tips for targeting our trouble area #1, including the little known post-baby issue that might be keeping you from getting the flat belly you’d like and the KEY strategy to help target your tummy (and it’s not crunches, you can’t ‘spot reduce’ a certain area of fat on your body, meaning you can’t do crunches for belly fat or choose where you lose fat from).

So we’re talking fat loss and how focus your efforts in a way that are going to help you get a lean and lithe physique you love.

Click on the video now to get the inside scoop:

The first thing we need to clear up is that you cannot spot reduce. You can’t do crunches or stomach exercises to get rid of belly fat. Bummer. But….

What you can do is reduce overall body fat and that’s what’s going to give you those lean toned abs you desire. Yay!

There are a few things that we can do in terms of your lifestyle to try and help target stubborn tummy fat. The key areas you’ll need to focus on are diet, hormonal health, sleep and exercise.

Here’s my top tips for tackling tummy fat:

1.  Diet

  • Cut out processed food, junk food, and cut down on sugar.
  • Add protein to every meal - this will help stabilise your blood sugar and help insulin response
  • Eat regular smaller meals throughout the day to help keep blood sugar stable, which reduces the insulin/tummy fat cycle .

2.  Address stress

Stress causes belly fat and as busy women I think we’ve got so much stress in our lives it’s almost become normal.  When we’re stressed, our body releases cortisol. What cortisol does, amongst other things, is promotes fat storage in the abdomen.

  • Think about lifestyle factors – What can you outsource in your life that you don’t need to be doing?
  • What technique and strategies can you use to combat stress (i.e. mindfulness, having systems in place to help you manage your stress at work or at home, are you sleeping properly and taking time out for you)?
  • Are you creating more stress on the body through inappropriate workouts? Sometimes our bodies need to workout LESS when we’re hyper-stressed. You still need intensity but it doesn’t need to go for an hour.

3.  Rule out diastasis

Diastasis is a condition where your stomach muscles spread apart due to pregnancy. Sometimes this separation doesn’t go back to normal, and then you’re left with a bump even though you’re doing everything right.

If left unchecked this can cause very real issues now or later in life including incontinence, back pain or hernia.  What’s really shocking, to me, is that women are often unaware that this is an issue for them and are rarely given direction on how to deal with diastasis.

Instead, over enthusiastic and well-meaning personal trainers dish out advice that can actually make your diastasis WORSE. Instead:

  • See a specialist physiotherapist; they may be able to give you exercises to help with diastasis.
  • You need a special workout plan suitable for women with diastasis.  Make sure you work on your alignment, posture, and breathing so that everything works together and your core is restored.

Extra Tips on Workouts:

  • There’s no specific exercise or magic ‘move’ that tones your tummy – you just need to burn fat, which  means you need a work program like Lean and Lithe that’s designed to do just that.
  • Your workouts need to be metabolically challenging, with the right intensity and duration.
  • Don’t get stuck just doing cardio, you should be embracing the right kind of resistance training and appropriate high-intensity workouts.
  • Stay consistent! Results also require you to stick with the program, so make sure you’ve got the support, guidance and accountability you need to stay the course.



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