Toned Triceps In Less Than 10 Minutes

If you want to  get rid of bat wings and blast fat from your triceps then in this video I’m sharing a workout that will tone and tighten, but I’ve also got some surprising tone-up tips that you may not know...

I was teaching a class last summer, and I asked for feedback from my students so that I could make The Moves even better…(good dance teacher skills!).

One women replied that she didn’t like the dance cardio section because “there wasn’t enough arm movement for toning her arms”, and I immediately knew why she felt that way, she assumed that you need to do arm exercises to lose arm fat.

But, that’s not the case.  

I shared these strategies with her instead.

The truth is that you can’t exercise one body part to lose fat from it, (spot reduction) so if you wave your arms in the air until they burn, you aren’t going to lose fat from your arms.

Instead, you need to target fat loss all over your body, by eating a healthy diet, taking regular effective exercise and making sure that you get enough sleep and rest to balance your hormones.

If you naturally struggle to lose arm fat, then as you get leaner it may be the last place that you see it come off, but it WILL eventually come off if you lose body fat all over.

I love dance cardio that uses lots of big movements, legs, and glutes because these are muscles that burn a lot of calories so they’re great for fat loss.  

Our Corio motto is “use as many muscles as possible” -’s not a motto but it should be, because we believe in making workouts fast, effective and fun!

So..with that said, when you do get leaner you still need to sculpt lovely arms to show off right?

And that’s exactly what this tricep and core workout will do for you.  Get definition, work your core and feel the burn in this short, simple and highly effective dancer arms at home workout.

Grab a bottle of water, tin of food or 2-3lbs weight for this workout.

Elle xoxo

Here’s how we rock:

  1. Do the workout - it’s quick, effective and fun

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