Weekly Workout: 3 Song HIIT Dance Cardio Routine

This week I’m sharing not one but THREE dance cardio routines that I put back to back to create an intense HIIT finisher at the end of my workouts. Sometimes I’ll pop one of these in between resistance training sets to get the heart rate up and keep the metabolism rolling even when we’re doing sculpting work and not pure cardio.

Try out this KILLER dance cardio combo for yourself and tell me what you think. Just hit reply to this email and let me know if you enjoyed it! (Heads up, this one is high impact so don’t try it if you’ve got pelvic floor or joint issues.)

It’s no secret I’m not a cardio lover. I don’t like the treadmill and only I can just about get through a spin class.  But...give me some great music and dance moves and I could dance cardio away for hours!

In fact, my own workout routines have always consisted of mixing up 2 or 3 resistance training sessions a week and dance cardio for extra brownie points. My perfect workout consists of short intense body sculpting moves and HIIT dance cardio all in one go!  This not only keeps your metabolism revved and protects lean muscle mass, it also torches fat and makes me feel jubilant at the same time.

I won’t lie, I get some really odd looks at the gym busting out the Beyonce moves in between squats and lunges which is why I decided to put my method into a class format, so that we can all shake it and shape it together without getting raised eyebrows from the bro’s in the squat rack.

Doing this workout for 2 weeks will:

  • Burn calories and increase your cardio fitness

  • Improve memory, coordination and motor fitness

  • Improve your balance and core strength

  • Boost your metabolism by adding HIIT to your repertoire.