Who's Got Your Back?

One of the reasons we find it so difficult to implement a new fitness or lifestyle plan or to make any kind of habit change at all is that we lack the structure and social support to keep us on a roll. Fact.

Do you relate to this?

Maybe you’ve got friends who love to go to a pub and have quite a few drinks on a Friday night. How hard is it to be with them and not have a drink? Pretty tough!

Perhaps your mom (aka mum) group loves a get-together with bundles of Pinot Grigio and you bond over how it gets you through the monotony of the early years (even if you’re hamming it up for dramatic effect). It’s almost impossible not to join in.

Same goes if you hang out with people who don’t make time for exercise or, worse, who scoff at people who do.

We’re social animals. We want to do what our friends are doing; we want to be accepted; we want to be loved! Underlying all of the anxiety we face when it comes to going against the grain is the need to be liked, accepted and part of the pack.

Bottom line:  it’s really hard to be more fit or more healthy if we’re surrounded with people who don’t have similar goals.

One of the reasons that I decided to set up my Rebelle Program is to create a community of women that can support each other in this journey.

If you’re struggling to stick at being fitter, healthier or more active, don’t feel like it’s YOU, or your willpower, or how rubbish you're being; maybe it’s that you don’t have the right systems in place.

Maybe you need a little bit more support.

Is your other half onboard, or are they being really unhelpful, bringing home the Twixes when you're trying to eat healthily?

So the question is: ‘Where can I get the social support?’ Here’s a couple of ideas to point you in the right direction:

  • Idea #1 - Join a local gym or class.

  • Idea #2 - Enlist a friend who’s on a mission too and get some meet up times when you can do active things together.

  • Idea #3 - Steer the social ship and organise a group fitness class for you and your gang, or a walk in the park! The key is to find other bonding activities that aren’t eating and drinking.

  • Idea #4 - Join a program or online community that’s going to have your back when no-one else gets it.

Social support has actually been shown to be one of the biggest drivers of success when it comes to sticking to something. If you post your goals publicly, you are so much more likely to follow through.

After all, if you’ve  told everyone you’re going to run a half-marathon on Facebook you kind of have to do it, right? (P.S, I’m not running a half marathon and nor do I expect I ever will, so don’t go looking for this on my feed...I was pretty proud of the 5 km I once did for charity, I’m not a great runner!)

That’s what we do in Rebelle. We get together women who are on the same mission and give you the support, and the tools, and the guidance, and the TRIBE to get you through it when times are tough.

If you are lacking in social support, think about how you can change it, and then get creative. What can you do to get other people onboard your plan? Who can you spend more time with that’s going to inspire you?

You’ll find it a lot easier when you have the girl squad (or woman squad)  in place that’s going to lift you up when you’d rather throw in the towel.

Go get ‘em.