Why You NEED New Shoes (And Other Fitness Hacks)

BEFORE YOU GET YOUR KNICKERS IN A TWIST: This post isn’t about being perfect 100% all of the time. Or never enjoying the things that you love. I’m a huge fan of moderation and finding your balance. However, most people who are struggling to see results have certain triggers that trip them up too regularly, so before they know it they’re not making the progress they want (or even getting started) and end up feeling frustrated. Ever decided you’re going to cook something healthy and wholesome, but then you realise you’re missing one ingredient, something small and seemingly insignificant (like tomato paste or a random spice), but because it’s missing it stops you in your tracks, so instead you order pizza?

(We’ve all been there.)

It got me thinking about how the journey to being fitter, healthier, happier is fraught with these kind of obstacles.

Much like American Ninja Warrior, you scramble over one hurdle just to find something bigger, badder and more intimidating in front of you.

But here’s the catch. Unlike the contestants in ANW, you’ve got the opportunity to avoid a lot of those obstacles and to be ready for anything that comes your way. All it takes is a little bit of planning and the willingness to take a look at yourself and your excuses, no matter how legit they seem to you.

We tend to talk about the circumstances that prevent us from working out, eating well, doing the things on our to-do list from a place of powerlessness.

“There wasn’t enough time to get sweaty today because work was busy..”

“I can’t eat healthily  because my friends planned a dinner out...”

“There’s nowhere to buy healthy food near work so I ended up eating badly.”

None of these things are your fault, right? What can you possibly do?  It’s OK to let loose and enjoy yourself but sometimes these things add up quickly over a week and you’re stuck in a rut.

I know you can feel like life is against you, sometimes you’re ready to rock it in the gym and then little Johnny starts playing up, or a work deadline appears as if from nowhere. I’m not saying the struggle isn’t real!

However, if I look at my life from a place of honesty, a lot of things that tripped me up (and still do) could have been foreseen and nipped in the bud with a little creative thinking.  How about you?

Spend a few minutes brainstorming all of the reasons you haven’t done what you said or hoped you’d do. No workout this week? Or this month? Or this year?  What actually happened? Healthy eating resolve turned into drinks galore with the girls? Why was that?

Once you get an insight into what’s tripping you up, then you can begin phase 2, which is figuring out an action plan ahead of time to make sure you’re prepared the next time.

If you know that drinks with the girls ended in a white wine haze and a kebab because you didn’t eat before you went and you hadn’t thought of how to respond to friends trying to pull you off track, then next time have a plan.  Eat before you go out, and practice your  ‘I’m not drinking tonight’ strategies so you can deflect any unwanted comments.   (This is something I cover with my clients, we all find social situations tough.)

If you didn’t workout because you hate carrying your gym shoes to work on top of your laptop and because once you get started on your email you can’t come up for air, why not help yourself by having a spare set of shoes in the office?

Yes, even if you have to buy another pair. #shoppingforshoes

Try scheduling your workouts for first thing in the morning before you get distracted by deadlines, even if that means moving things around or prepping breakfast the night before to make time.

I’ve come to consider that getting in shape isn’t really about the end goal at all.

We all want to snap our fingers and suddenly be in that dream body. There’s a constant impulse to take the fastest route, quick-fixes, short cuts or to stick a band-aid over anything that’s in your way rather than tackling the issue head on.

Instead I think it’s about the growth you can experience when you put your mind to something. Getting in shape takes mental agility, the willingness to admit where you’re holding yourself back, and creative thinking around the problems.  Most of all it takes practice.  Months or years of practice.  

When you nail one piece of the puzzle, your confidence soars. You aim higher and achieve more.

Of course, life likes to keep us on our toes; just when you think you’ve got it figured out, you’ll get thrown  another challenge. So you need to know you’ve got the weapons in your arsenal to deal with it.  

Maybe you move away, get pregnant, get promoted, travel more, hit menopause.  You can still take care of yourself in all those situations if you’ve been training your resourcefulness muscle. It’s never as simple as following a meal plan and simply turning up to the gym. Sure, that will get results, but I’ve rarely seen someone create a long term lifestyle change if all they do is blindly follow a program without looking on the inside to see how they need to change and evolve.

When the plan ends, so does their healthy living.

Learning about the why you’re doing something and the ‘how’ will set you up for long term success.   

It’s my mission that the women on the REBELLE program don’t need to be on the program by the time they walk away.

Instead, I want to empower women to have the toolbox they need to take charge of their destiny and make choices that support them regularly.  No perfectionism, no starvation diet plans, no uncertainty, just the confidence, know-how and blueprint for their unique body.

What holds you back the most? I’d love to hear from you, comment below!


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