Working Out May Not Be The Best Idea For Rapid Weight Loss

Going to the gym isn’t always the best thing for weight loss. “What?” We hear you say. It’s true. Obviously, it helps. But there are far simpler things that you can do to shake the weight off and keep it off for good.

A lot of people sit down and work all day. They hit the gym for an hour and then go home and sit some more. This doesn’t exactly relate to a high-energy lifestyle. Adding a gym routine into your life is a great thing,  but to keep the weight off, studies have shown, you need to change way you live.

Don’t worry, the changes aren’t huge. They’re pretty simple, really. And here they are.

Watch more TV with less guilt

Controversy is the salt of life, and the above statement is very salty. Allow us to elaborate.

If you love your TV shows, watching less TV can be a challenge. Instead of watching less, exercise while you watch (this is really manageable for core-focused workouts, you don’t have to break into a full-on gym routine!)

Doing a simple core workout, stretching or even walking while you watch can help you carve time out and burn calories.

Never again do you have to stiff your exercise routine for the latest episode of Game of Thrones.

Get active at work

You may have heard of this one, but don’t have the heart to try it. Jumping jacks in the office can pull strange looks from coworkers but sitting all day is the kiss of death to weight loss goals.


Why not get your coworkers to join in, by organising a weekly office yoga class, or by simply getting up every hour and going for a walk. We recommend our clients stop work and try to do 250 steps each hour. That adds up to over 2000 steps in your working day and it takes no time at all  More movement at work means you’ll de-stress and you’ll help others to de-stress.

If this isn’t your thing, try to work standing up more. These days at Rebelle we take our phone calls standing up, and walk the room while we chat!

Another great idea is walking meetings. Sitting down and talking for two hours can leave you drained and idle for the rest of the day. Why not invite your coworkers or clients for a walking meeting?

Take a walk around the building or in a nearby park. Conduct the meeting as you go and you’ll feel refreshed afterwards, instead of dead tired. So will everyone else, and they’ll thank you for it.

Everyday tasks could be mini workouts

When you need to walk somewhere, pick up the pace. You’ll save time and burn calories. Jump off the bus a stop early, or get out of the elevator a floor before. Want even more bang for your buck? Perform your hobby with gusto. Jog with the dogs, don’t just walk!  


Become a stair master

Taking the stairs is the way to go, every time. We’ve noticed there are escalators, elevators and lazy options galore in our shopping malls, offices, houses and daily life. Often we take the less active option even when we’re talking 15 steps up or down! Spot yourself copping out and choose to take the high road… or ...the stairs.

You can burn hundreds of calories per day with this simple change-up. It’s a great method for some easy weight loss.

Get outside amongst the green

Gardening anyone? This is one for those of you who are lucky enough to have access to outdoor space (we have a lot of clients in cities where apartment living is the thang, so if you’re missing out, skip ahead to the next section!)  Back to gardening... If you don’t have a green thumb, that’s okay. You don’t need one. Your goal is to burn calories and change that lifestyle, plus the green fingers will come with practice.


Starting a small garden can burn some calories and be emotionally fulfilling. In fact, it’s one of the more satisfying hobbies out there. There’s nothing quite like serving home-grown veggies or decorating your house with your own fresh flowers.  

One of the biggest benefits of getting outside is that it’s shown to lower our stress hormone, cortisol, stopping us from storing belly fat.  No garden, no problem, simply go for a walk in the greenery and you’ll be balancing your hormones and ditching the bloat at the same time.

Play with the kids (like, really play….)

We know it’s tempting to whip out the smartphone and sit on the sidelines - totes get it - but this is one kind of activity that allows you to be really present with the people who matter the most to you.

Heading outside and kicking a ball or playing tag has two major benefits. Firstly, you get some sun (yes please to some vitamin D) and a nice exercise (is that one or two?). Secondly, you get to spend time with your little ones while teaching them valuable motor skills.

Wait, was that two or four? It doesn’t matter. The point is doing this kind of ‘active’ parenting is going to boost your wellbeing and help you feel connected to your family too.

Ditch the internet shopping

Much as we love a serious bit of internet shopping a good whip around the shops can increase your daily activity level no end.


If you need a new outfit, hit the shops and savour getting to try things on. You’ll burn calories and get new clothes. #winning.

Same goes for deliveries or driving.  Making time to walk instead of drive, or nip to the shops to pick up something for dinner, (using your actual legs and not your wheels) will help up your daily movement and contribute to that leaner lifestyle.

Dance Like Nobody's Watching

Ok, so this one is a bit out there but here at Rebelle we love to dance! It makes us feel joyful, we get to put on our fave tunes and jump around while moving. What’s not to love?

Just because your clubbing days might be behind you doesn’t mean you have to hang up your dancing shoes. If there’s one morning ritual we adore, it’s jumping on Spotify, turning up the volume and bopping around the kitchen while we make our brekkie.

Just 2 or 3 songs where you get the heart pumping will not only give you a head full of feel-good endorphins, you’ll burn calories like a dance-floor boss too. We say bring it.  

In Conclusion

Studies show that someone who gets more active in daily life will lose more weight, than someone who goes to the gym but is otherwise sedentary.

We hope you enjoyed these tips but most of all that you pick one or two to follow through with! Taking action is the one thing that turns wishing into change, so what can you try today to move more intentionally?