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Complete our online dance fitness certification program and you can teach your own classes, create your own brand, and never pay a licence fee. We love freedom, don’t you?

Become certified to teach The Moves and we’ll give you access to our system, brand, class plans, playlists and business model so you’ve got a career in a box, ready to go. Less time stressing about steps and scouring Spotify for tunes; more time for family, to travel, build your empire or Netflix and chill.


No, we aren’t the cheapest and you won’t get your qualification overnight - you’ll need time to gain experience, study and get into the studio to log some teaching hours before you’re ready to rock.

If you can hear the beats in music and you love dance, you're a good fit for Corio. You don't need any prior experience teaching or to be a fitness professional to join.  However, if you've got a background in dance, fitness or group exercise you'll be able to move faster through our training programs.


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